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Chapter 8 Old Madam Huo

  • After his inward sneer, Huo Chen adjusted his posture. He started the engine, shifted the gears, stepped on the gas, and sped away from the driveway.
  • The velocity caused Bai Yunjin's body to jerk back. She held the grip handle so hard that the friction hurt her palms. Nevertheless, it was nothing compared to the heartache she was feeling.
  • Half an hour later, the car came to a stop outside a three-story house on the hillside.
  • It was the Huo's family home that was originally from the Qing dynasty. Last year, Huo Chen spent a fortune to refurbish the interior and its facade, giving the old mansion a modern look.
  • There was a quiet path with flowers planted on both sides. The couple cut through the path that brought them to a cobblestone pavement leading straight to the house.
  • Before they even entered the house, there were servants who came out to welcome them.
  • “Young master, young lady, you're finally here. Madam has been waiting anxiously for you!”
  • Bai Yunjin started living in the Huo family when she was fifteen. Although she wasn't related by blood to the Huo family, Old Madam Huo treated her as her goddaughter. She had almost changed her surname to Huo because of that.
  • For the older servants, she was the young lady of the Huo family.
  • Plus, perhaps she might even become the young mistress of Huo family soon.
  • “Madam Xu, I missed you so much!” Bai Yunjin rushed over to the elderly servant. She flung her arms around the servant with tears in her eyes.
  • “I missed you too, young lady. Since you left the house to stay with young master, I've been missing you all the time.” The elderly lady caressed Bai Yunjin's back and glanced at the man standing not far away with his blazer on his arm.
  • It was as if Huo Chen had a mint in his mouth. His gaze was cold as he stood there with an amused smile on his lips.
  • If Bai Yunjin was the second best at pretending, no one would dare to claim the first place.
  • But luckily he knew the woman well. He wouldn't be tricked by her pure and innocent look anymore!
  • “But I think young master wouldn't treat you badly.” Madam Xu said softly as her gaze shifted between Huo Chen and Bai Yunjin. She asked tentatively, “Am I right?”
  • The bright smile on Bai Yunjin's face froze.
  • Right then, Huo Chen came to them with his hands in his pockets casually. He told the woman in a teasing tone, “Madam Xu, you're really biased! Look at her, she's still fair and chubby. Does it look that I treated her badly?”
  • He glanced at her lazily, “Not only did I treat her well, I even gave her a 'special' treatment.”
  • He emphasized on the work “special”.
  • Bai Yunjin was stunned when he called her “fair and chubby”, but what he said next humiliated her completely.
  • The micro-expressions that flashed across their faces were caught by the elderly woman.
  • She chuckled to ease the awkwardness, “Good, good! I can't wait for you to have a chubby baby!”
  • Bai Yunjin paled visibly and instinctively turned to look at the tall man standing beside her.
  • She did want a baby, but Huo Chen wouldn't give her a chance to get pregnant.
  • Huo Chen didn't react when he heard those words. The smile on his face remained but his tone grew icy, “We will... Work hard!”
  • Right then, an old but joyous voice sounded from inside. “Yunjin! Is it Yunjin? Finally, you're back! Hurry, come in so I can see you.”
  • When Bai Yunjin finally entered the house, Old Madam Huo was sitting in the middle of the hall. She was wearing a cheongsam with blue and white Chinese patterns. Time had not left any wrinkles on her face and she was still glowing like before.
  • “Grandma!”