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Chapter 7 I Never Should Have Let My Guard Down

  • Saturday came as expected.
  • Bai Yunjin slept till noon because it was a holiday.
  • Knock, knock. She wore her robe in a daze and opened the door. A frightened-looking maid was standing at the door.
  • “M-Ms. Bai, Mr. Huo is waiting outside. He wants you to hurry.” The latter was so submissive that she didn't dare to look at Bai Yunjin. Finally, the maid added, “Mr. Huo mentioned that he doesn't like to wait. If you're not ready in five minutes, y-you must bear the consequences.”
  • Bear the consequences. Naturally, she had an idea what that meant.
  • Her sleepiness dissipated in an instant. Five minutes was barely enough for her to wash up. How was she supposed to do everything within the time frame?
  • The last time she saw Huo Chen was five days ago. He hadn't returned to the villa since that incident in his office. He only came back for her because his grandmother wanted both of them to see her at the old mansion.
  • Because of the time limit, Bai Yunjin randomly chose a V-neck blouse and a pair of skinny jeans from the closet. After a quick brush on her long and black hair, she took her bag and left.
  • At the porch, she slipped into a pair of white flat sole shoes among the many neatly arranged shoes.
  • A gust of chilly wind hit her face when she opened the door. Initially, she wanted to run back to her room to grab a coat. However, the black Maserati parked at the driveway had its windows rolled down. Annoyance was written all over Huo Chen's well-defined face.
  • Instead of fetching her coat, Bai Yunjin strode towards the vehicle. She noticed Huo Chen staring at her after she buckled her seat belt.
  • What is she wearing on a day like this?
  • “Aren't you cold?” he questioned in a hoarse voice.
  • His intense stare was making her nervous. Goosebumps covered her body, and she broke out in cold sweat. “Oh... I-I'm fine. Why?”
  • He looked into the latter's innocent eyes. The corners of his lips curled into a meaningful smile. The man leaned in closer and started flirting with her. “The lesser you wear, the better for me.”
  • He said it so crudely that Bai Yunjin started shaking and her hands, which had been resting on her lap, balled into fists.
  • She was certain that he was deliberately degrading her self-respect and dignity as a woman.
  • “W-We should hurry. Grandma must be getting impatient,” Bai Yunjin stammered and changed the subject as she met Huo Chen's eyes nervously.
  • Bai Yunjin held her breath. She didn't dare to utter a sound. The latter regarded her nonchalantly. Then he took his time and shifted his gaze to her slightly flushed cheeks. He loved to play with her feelings and watch her heart crumble. It was as if he would only feel better after abusing her.
  • You know why I'm doing this, Bai Yunjin. This is what you deserve after what you did. I should have been more careful from the very first day you joined my family. Perhaps I never should have let my guard down at all.