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Chapter 6 A Concert By Fu Nianhua

  • The force exerted between his fingers almost crushed her bones.
  • Bai Yunjin whimpered from the pain. The sound roused an emotion in Huo Chen's unsympathetic heart.
  • “Get out!” he ordered impatiently. His brows creased together as he released his grip on her chin.
  • The latter almost fell on her knees from the humiliation. She held onto the edge of the desk to stabilize herself. Still in shock, all she could hear was a buzzing sound in her ears.
  • “Yes,” she muttered.
  • Tears welled in her eyes. Grief and heartache consumed every inch of her body, but she blinked back her tears. After forcing a smile on her face, she lowered her gaze and avoided stepping on the torn pieces of the photograph as she left the office. She even remembered to close the door.
  • Left alone in his office, Huo Chen's throat tightened as he stared at the bits of paper on the floor.
  • A minute later, he bent down slowly, gathered them in his hand, and pieced them together from memory.
  • The crevices separating the pieces did nothing to dampen the girl's innocent smile.
  • As the man ran his coarse fingertips against her face, his aloof eyes lit up with some fondness.
  • Meanwhile, an exhausted Bai Yunjin returned to her desk with tears in her eyes.
  • Ji Xiaoru, her colleague cum best friend, poked her in the arm. “What's wrong, Yunjin? Who has upset you? Did Mr. Huo scold you just now?”
  • The former forced a smile and shook her head. “I'm fine.”
  • What I did to him was unforgivable. He was right to treat me like that.
  • “You're lying. You wouldn't be crying if it was nothing.” Naturally, Ji Xiaoru didn't believe her. Nevertheless, she tried to liven the mood for her friend. “Oh yes! Fu Nianhua is holding a concert at Youth Square this coming Saturday. I finally got my hands on two tickets. You must come with me!” She stared at the latter with anticipation.
  • This Saturday? Bai Yunjin sat up abruptly. She suddenly recalled that she was going to see Old Madam Huo with Huo Chen. It was important, and she didn't want to go against his wishes. Besides, she hadn't visited the family's matriarch for a long time.
  • “I can't, Xiaoru. I have something on this Saturday.” Bai Yunjin turned down the offer.
  • “Geez, what could be more important than attending the concert with me?” Ji Xiaoru simply came up to her friend and continued with her chattering. “It's Fu Nianhua! There is a huge demand for his concert tickets! Just settle your matters during the day and go to the concert with me in the evening. Pretty please!”
  • The name 'Fu Nianhua' sounded familiar, but Bai Yunjin couldn't remember where she had heard it.
  • “Ru...” she called helplessly.
  • “C'mon! It's settled then. I'll see you this Saturday!” The beaming Ji Xiaoru made a victory sign as she wheeled away in her chair, leaving her friend exasperated.
  • Saturday evening... it should be fine. Most likely, Huo Chen is bringing me back to the old mansion for lunch. After that, I can excuse myself when Old Madam Huo goes for her afternoon nap. Hopefully, there won't be any conflict between the two.