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Chapter 15 Are You Blaming Me Yunjin

  • “You...” Bai Yunjin's eyes opened in shock. She had never expected the man to be...
  • “Your wound can't get inflamed. You need to bandage it.” Fu Nianhua was obviously calmer than her.
  • He had a light blue checkered shirt on and had rolled up his sleeves. Before she could regain her senses, he had already picked her up in his arms gracefully.
  • “Wow!” His fans were shocked.
  • The media caught the opportunity and started taking photos furiously. Fu Nianhua had been a celebrity for a long time but was never caught with another woman. This was a great chance for them!
  • Bai Yunjin wasn't used to being photographed. The glaring flashlights almost made her blind.
  • All she wanted to do was to bury her head in a hole.
  • “I'm fine. Put me down.” Her arms had nowhere to go and she could only put them around his neck.
  • “I'm sorry, but no.” He had her in his arms and had no intention to put her down. The man strode back through the narrow path.
  • “Damn, what is happening?” His fans asked unanimously.
  • “She's so lucky! She managed to get Nianhua's attention after falling down!”
  • “I wish I was the one who fell!”
  • The fans started exclaiming furiously while the media clamored to the front. Ji Xiaoru was speechless and dumbfounded.
  • She glanced at her arm, which was exposed, utterly speechless.
  • Bai Yunjin is extremely lucky!
  • All I wanted was an autograph, but she managed to get into his arms!
  • It was a chaotic situation. Fu Nianhua's manager, Mike couldn't stop himself from cursing, “Sh*t!”
  • He hurriedly followed Fu Nianhua. “Do you know what you're doing right now?”
  • They were on a tour where tons of reporters had their eyes on them every second. It was also being broadcasted live. Fu Nianhua was looking for trouble!
  • “Mike, where's the medical team?” Fu Nianhua stared ahead and ignored his words.
  • Mike, who was tiny and skinny, could barely catch up to him. He stopped in his tracks out of shock, “What? You need the medical team too?”
  • He was confused as he had never seen Fu Nianhua so concerned for a woman.
  • Who’s the woman in his arms?
  • Fu Nianhua made his way to the backstage before putting Bai Yunjin down on the sofa. Not long after, two doctors in their white coats hurried in and carefully disinfected the wound on Bai Yunjin's hand before bandaging it.
  • Fu Nianhua stood aside; his brows furrowed worriedly.
  • “I said, I'm fine. It's not that serious.” Bai Yunjin said gently. After the doctors were done, she rolled down her sleeves.
  • The two doctors were understanding and dared not ask about their relationship. After reporting her situation to Fu Nianhua, they left silently.
  • Bai Yunjin wanted to stand up but a long arm stopped her from doing so and pushed her back into the sofa.
  • “Yunjin, it has been years. Do you still blame me?”
  • “W-What?” Bai Yunjin stared at him in confusion.
  • “Do you still blame and hate me for leaving without saying goodbye?” His intent stare would make any woman fall for him without knowing about it.
  • Bai Yunjin averted her glance and replied shyly, “It has been many years since...”
  • If he didn't appear in front of her, she might've forgotten about him.
  • She wouldn't remember the heart-wrenching pain he had caused her back then.