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Chapter 12 Fu Nianhua

  • “I think...”
  • “I think...”
  • That voice repeated itself again and again at Bai Yunjin's ears. It was as if a pail of cold water was poured on top of her head and left her soaking wet.
  • “Stop the car!” Her voice was trembling.
  • But Huo Chen ignored her and continued driving.
  • “Stop the car! I want to get down now!” She repeated again slowly to make herself clear and prove her seriousness.
  • Huo Chen glanced at her and smirked. Unexpectedly, the man didn't retort back but pulled the brakes abruptly. The screeching sound of the tires hurt the ears.
  • The car stopped at the junction 100 meters away from Youth Square.
  • Bai Yunjin lowered her gaze and pushed the door open hurriedly. She escaped from the car as if there was a wild beast chasing her from behind.
  • “I want to see you at home before ten.” Huo Chen told her nonchalantly as she was about to close the door. It was like a command.
  • Her fingers clenched tightly around her bag and she slammed the door shut.
  • The frosted glass windows were blocking the handsome man's face, so he wound down the window slowly and stared at her as she made her way across the road. The finger holding the cigarette trembled slightly before he put off the cigarette.
  • The wafting smoke hid his handsome features and the hint of amusement in his eyes.
  • On the LED screen, the female anchor was making an announcement, “It was rumored that the famous idol, Fu Nianhua arrived in the airport at dawn today. Thousands of fans welcomed him in a tumult of screams and uproar.”
  • The scene at the airport was shown. It was indeed a chaotic scene.
  • The entrance to the airport was congested with thousands of fans shouting Fu Nianhua's name. Some of them even had placards with Fu Nianhua's name on it.
  • The man surrounded by the crowd had handsome features. His thick brows, sharp nose and pale blue pupils made out his features.
  • His manager and bodyguards were clearing the way for him. The man strode out wearing a casual suit and waved at his fans. He got in a MPV waiting for him outside the airport.
  • Huo Chen was of course familiar with Fu Nianhua as he worked in the entertainment industry.
  • But his face...
  • When Huo Chen saw his face, the smile on his face froze suddenly and his face fell.
  • It was Fu Nianhua.
  • The female announcer continued, “Tonight will be a sleepless night as the popular idol, Fu Nianhua will be holding his concert in Youth Square! How many tickets will sell out? Let's just wait and see!”
  • Youth Square...
  • Huo Chen immediately recalled Bai Yunjin's hesitation earlier and her impatience when she got off the car.
  • He narrowed his eyes and gripped on the steering wheel tightly until his veins were about to pop out.
  • No wonder you were in a hurry, Bai Yunjin...
  • Before Bai Yunjin could reach the south gate of Youth Square, the crowd had already swallowed her.
  • The freezing weather had turned warm as the crowd was cheering enthusiastically.
  • Is Fu Nianhua so famous? Everyone came here in the freezing weather just to hear him sing.
  • Bei Yunjin wasn't someone who was crazy for celebrities. If she wasn't working in Entertainment Film Corporation, she might not even know any celebrities.
  • Fu Nianhua gained popularity while he was working overseas. She knew he was popular, but knew nothing else about that man.
  • “Yunjin! Yunjin!” Ji Xiaoru spotted her from afar. She had a bucket of popcorn in her hands and squeezed her way through with a flattering smile on her face, “I'm sorry, please make way!”