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Chapter 11 No One Else In His Heart

  • Old Madam Huo waved goodbye to them reluctantly. She told Huo Chen again and again, “Scoundrel, don't bully Yunjin! I'll be the first one to punish you if you do that!”
  • The tall and elegant fire was in the driver's seat, his long arms holding the steering wheel. “Got it, grandma. If that's all, we'll leave now.”
  • “Goodbye!” Old Madam Huo waved them off.
  • Bai Yunjin exhaled and said softly, “Goodbye, grandma.”
  • “Dear, don't forget to text me when you're home!” Old Madam Huo reminded her.
  • Bai Yunjin mumbled a response. She was about to say something when Huo Chen started the engine.
  • The man was seemingly impatient as he sped up and the car gradually disappeared in the dusk.
  • Old Madam Huo stared at the car speeding away for some time.
  • Madam Xu glanced at her and asked, “Madam, do you think Ms. Yunjin will be happy with young master?”
  • Old Madam Huo sighed, “I watched Chen grew up. I know what he is thinking. Besides Yunjin, no one will ever enter his heart ever again.”
  • “Then why...” Madam Xu was confused, “Why was Young Master Chen so...”
  • Mean?
  • Madam Xu abruptly stopped. She was just a servant in the Huo household that had no right to ask questions.
  • “I've thought about it. Back then, Chen was really close to Yunjin.” She wouldn't have brought them together if it wasn't for that.
  • Besides that, she also really wanted a great-grandchild.
  • Old Madam Huo pondered and asked Madam Xu, “Since when did Chen and Yunjin become like this?”
  • Madam Xu thought about it and replied, “I think it was after Mr. and Mrs. Huo passed away from the accident.”
  • Mr. Huo, Huo Chen's father Huo Dongming, had two wives in his lifetime.
  • His first wife was Huo Chen's birth mother.
  • His second wife was Bai Yunjin's birth mother.
  • The “Mrs. Huo” that Madam Xu meant was the latter.
  • Menawhile, the both of them remained silent in the car.
  • Bai Yunjin stared at the scenery outside while Huo Chen was focused on driving. He had a lit cigarette in one hand and the glow was reflected on his face.
  • Silence ensued.
  • Ding! Suddenly, Bai Yunjin's phone received a text.
  • She clicked on it and realized it was from Ji Xiaoru.
  • Yunjin, don't forget about Fu Nianhua's concert at Youth Square! I'll be waiting at the south gate!
  • Bai Yunjin put down her phone and glanced at Huo Chen. The man didn't seem upset at all.
  • She averted her glance, “Uh, I have a date with Xiaoru tonight. I won't be going home now. Just drop me off at the south gate at Youth Square. I'll be taking a taxi home tonight.”
  • Huo Chen puffed out smoke and shot her a cold smile, “There are many motels nearby Youth Square. Are you going to fool around behind my back?”
  • Bai Yunjin opened her eyes wide in surprise. She had never expected that Huo Chen would react this way.
  • She was rendered speechless, but her heart was also aching silently.
  • Wait, was Huo Chen afraid that she'd fool around?
  • Was he being jealous?
  • This was the first time she'd dare to think of it.