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Chapter 9

  • "Rose", I heard my father's voice sounding so far away. Raising my head, I raised my brow, taking into his features. He appeared older and wiser than actual age, the lines on his face more prominent, his face looked dull against the walls, lips twisted. "We have already informed the pack council of Cara mating ceremony to Alpha Aiden. Make sure everything is running smoothly."
  • Right. The pack council. I swallowed the lump in my throat. That felt like a final nail to the coffin. Pack Council is the body of people, mostly elder Alphas, who look after the adjoining packs. Before any huge event or ceremony, they must be informed for their blessings considered to be a gift. 
  • I was so tired. These kinds of arrangements have been going on for a while. My mother included me in every small decision regarding the marriage of my sister. Mostly because Cara seemed to be avoiding her at every turn, rather preferring to stay late at her uni. 
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