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Chapter 100

  • I rolled onto my back, and Aiden hovered above, keeping our lips pressed together. The desk creaked under the weight of them, but neither of us cared. I wound my arms around his neck and spread my legs for the Alpha to stand in between. From our position, I could feel his hard cock rub up against the inside of my thighs in the most filthy way. His tented pants did not conceal a single inch of him, my throat going dry at the thought of having him.
  • Aiden kissed down from the corner of my lips, to my neck, all the way down to the rounds of my chest. 
  • "May I?" 
  • "Y-Yes." I stuttered, my eyes rolling back in anticipation. 
  • Aiden slipped his hands under my shirt and rolled the fabric high enough to expose my torso. I whimpered, soft and high, arching up into the touch as he pinched and flicked at my covered chest, rough and teasing. He paused to knead and massage at my chest until I was squirming again. 
  • The Alpha leaned down and mouthed at my lacy bra, my body stiffening as he licked a stripe over the lace and my nipple underneath it. I started shaking then, whimpering as Aiden scraped his sharp teeth over each bud and got into it, sucking and licking and soaking the material with his saliva.
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