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Chapter 7

  • "You are the one who has lost his mind! You Eliott are crazy! How dare you cheat on Odessa with this cheap whore?! Don't you know how Odessa was loyal to you?!" Blair yelled.
  • "Well, it's not my fault that your friend is infertile! You can't expect me to stay with a woman who can't give me a son right?" Eliott asked. He didn't feel guilty at all. After all, he never liked Odessa. He was forced to marry her. It was only a matter of time before thier marriage came crashing down!
  • "How dare you say that about Odessa?! I bet that you only said that because you wanted to divorce her and be with this cheap mistress of yours! People like you won't have good ending!" Blair said. She really hoped that Eliott would get hit by lightning on a fine day! A bastard like him totally deserves it!
  • "Blair, have you lost your mind?! Get the hell out of this place!" Eliott said. He noticed that people were starting to look at him. He didn't want to be embarrassed and so he told Blair to leave.
  • But Blair obviously wasn't going to listen to him.
  • "No! I won't leave! Why should I leave?! I'm not the one who's doing something wrong! I'm not the scumbag who cheated on my wife and I'm not the whore who seduced someone's husband! What do I have to be scared of?! I won't leave!" Blair yelled. She was determined to embarrass Eliott
  • Her friend is missing and he is having a good time with his mistress. How is this fair at all?!
  • "You're crazy!" Eliott said. Odessa has always been a calm woman who let him walk all over her. He thought that Blair will be the same but he found out that he was wrong. Odessa is actually scary!
  • "And you are a scumbag! A scumbag who cheated on his wife!" Blair yelled back at Eliott.
  • Kate leaned on Elliott's body as she rubbed her stomach gently. "Love, who is this woman? Why is she yelling at me?" Kate asked.
  • Blair looked at the woman who was pretending not to know her and she suddenly felt like puking. She never knew that Kate could be this shameless.
  • "How dare you pretend not to know me Kate??! How can you be so shameless?! Odessa is your friend! How can you seduce her husband?" Blair asked angrily. She was trying her best not to hit the cheating couple in front of her.
  • Kate did not feel guilty at all. In fact, there was a smug smile on her face. "Hah! It's not my fault that she can't keep her man! It's also not my fault that she is infertile! Since she doesn't want to have a child for Eliott then other women are going to have children for him! Your friend is barren and I am fertile! It's her own bad luck! How can you blame someone else for it?" Kate asked smugly.
  • Blair had her mouth wide open as she looked at the shameless Kate in front of her. She never thought that a woman could be so mean to her fellow woman all because of a man!
  • "Kate you are utterly shameless!" Blair said. She looked at Kate and saw that she was constantly rubbing her stomach while gloating. Blair finally figured it out. It turns out that Kate was already pregnant! That's why Eliott wanted to divorce her friend!
  • "Don't tell me Kate....that you are pregnant??" Blair asked.
  • "Of course she is pregnant! She is not like your friend! She is going to give me a son! It's something that your friend could not do even after two years! Did I do something wrong by divorcing her?! I don't think so at all!"! Eliott was happy. Kate is already pregnant with a son for him, he doesn't have anything to be scared of.
  • "Ha! How are you so sure that the child is yours?? I think that you should go and get a DNA test so that you can be sure who the father of the child is!" Blair said. She really hated the people in front of her.
  • "How dare you?!" Kate was angry and she raised her hand to slap Blair but Blair was faster than her. She held her hand and pushed her away. Kare fell to the ground immediately.
  • Eliott was scared. Kate is pregnant with his child. He didn't want her to suffer a miscarriage.
  • He rushed to help Kate up immediately. " you alright?! Did you feel any pains in your stomach? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Eliott asked. He placed his hand on her stomach when he asked. It was clear that he was more concerned about the child than he was concerned about Kate. Kate knew this but she didn't care. As long as she can get married to Eliott, she is satisfied.
  • Kate glared at Blair. "How can you be so evil? Do you want to kill my child?!" Kate yelled.
  • "A bastard like the one you are carrying doesn't deserve to be born!" Blair said.
  • "You dare you?!"
  • "You and Kate are enjoying yourself here when my friend has gone missing for more than a day now! Don't you care about her at all?! She used to be your wife!" Blair said. If it wasn't for Eliott chasing Odessa out of the house, then she would not have been kidnapped by a pervert. She didn't even know if Odessa was still alive or dead!
  • "What...what did you say? Odessa is missing?" Eliott asked. He was shocked to hear that Odessa was missing.
  • "Yes! She was kidnapped on the night that you chased her out of the house! You are such an evil man Eliott! You won't have a good end!" Blair said.
  • Kate saw that Eliott was starting to care about Odessa again. She didn't want that. Especially now that she was already pregnant. She wanted to use the child to marry Eliott.
  • She put a hand on her stomach and cried out. "My hurts so much, I feel like I'm going to die. What should I do?"