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Chapter 6

  • Blair was raging mad in the police station. She was told that she had to wait for twenty four hours before she can report her friend as missing. Now that the twenty four hours are up, they aren't even trying to do anything! She was pissed!
  • "What the hell is the meaning of this?! We pay taxes don't we?? How come you won't even look for my missing friend?? I told you that she called me to come pick her up at the bar herself!"Blair was very close to cursing at the police officers.
  • "Miss, this is a police station! You can't make a scene here!" One of the police officers yelled back at Blair when he couldn't stand her anymore.
  • "Hell of course I know that this is a police station! That's the reason I'm here! You people told me that you won't be able to do anything about my friend's case till she's been missing for twenty hour hours! Yeah, well, she's been missing for twenty four hours now and I don't see you doing anything about it! Are you just going to let my friend remain missing like this?!" Blair asked. Odessa is a very important person to her and Blair knew that she won't ever be able to rest if she doesn't find her.
  • She blamed it all on Odessa's ex husband Williams. He is the reason Odessa went missing. Just because she couldn't get pregnant, he kicked her out of the house!
  • Odessa's parents were the worst too! They didn't even care about the life and death of thier daughter after she divorced thier rich son in law!
  • A kinder police officer responded Blair. "Ma'am, since it's already been twenty four hours you will have to file an official case and we will start our investigations. But I can assure you that the process won't be easy. Actually, in the past two months, lots of women have gone missing in almost the same way as your friend. We've tried all that we could to find them but we don't have any leads on the case. We think that it's a serial kidnapper's work. You will have to be prepared!" The police officer said. He knew that Blair won't stop causing a scene if he doesn't tell her something so he directly told her what was going on
  • Blair looked at the police officer in shock. She did not know that tht situation was this serious. She was even more worried about Odessa now. How can Odessa's luck be so bad?!
  • Blair was scared that Odessa might have been captured by sole crazy pervert.
  • " you are saying that there's a possibility that my friend might not be found right?" Blair asked. She was much more polite when she talked to the Police officer now since he has explained the situation to her
  • "Well, of course we hope that she can be found very soon. But like I've told you, we have no leads on this kidnapping even after so many months. They are no dead bodies of the victims either so we don't know if they are dead or alive. As police officers, we are going to investigate and do our best to find your friend. But I really want you to be prepared!" The police officer said.
  • "......."
  • Blair was speechless. How did her friend fall into such a dangerous situation? A few days ago she was still the carefree wife of a rich man. And now, she is probably the victim of some crazy perverted kidnapper?!
  • Blair felt terrible for Odessa. Her life has never been easy. Even when she married Williams, it still didn't get better. Now....this happened.
  • Blair just hoped that Odessa was alive wherever she is.
  • .......
  • Blair did not know how she walked out of the police station. All that she knew was that her mind is a mess. She wad filled with different thoughts.
  • She wanted to find Odessa, but the police told her that there was no lead on the kidnappings. So there is no way that an ordinary citizen herself can find her.
  • Blair kept walking around town without a single destination in her mind. She passed by a high end mall. She remembered that she used to drag Odessa to come shop here but Odessa never bought anything because she didn't want to waste Elliott's money.
  • Blair looked inside the mall and the person... no people that she saw inside completely shocked her!
  • It was none other than Elliott and his secretary Kate! Judging from the way that both of them were acting, they were definitely a couple!
  • This bastard! It turns out that he has been cheating on Odessa since a long time ago! The whole talk about how she has not gotten pregnant after two years is just an excuse so that he can divorce her and bring back his mistress!!
  • Blair was so angry. Coupled with the fact that Odessa was now missing, Blair just wanted to beat up this audacious cheating couple! And to think that Odessa trusted that Kate! How dare Kate seduce Odessa's husband?!
  • Blair charged into the mall so that she can go question Elliott and Kate.
  • She marched over to the both of them and tapped Williams back. When Williams turned to see who it was, Blair slapped him hard across the face!
  • Even though Kate is the one who seduced Elliott, Blair believed that it takes two to tangle. The both of them won't be in a relationship if Elliott didn't want it too!
  • Eliott was angry that he was slapped by a woman out of nowhere. When he saw that it was Odessa's good friend Blair, he knew that she was here because of Odessa.
  • "What the hell is wrong with you Blair?? Have you fucking lost your mind?!" Eliott yelled.
  • You are the one who has lost his mind! You Eliott are crazy! How dare you cheat on Odessa with this cheap whore?! Don't you know how Odessa was loyal to you?!" Blair yelled.