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Chapter 6 Two Mates

  • The next week at the Silverlake pack passed in a blur. By now, everyone in her pack had come to know Adele was Alpha Chris’s mate and would be soon leaving their pack. Being a loved member of the pack she was busy with all the pack members who wanted to meet and congratulate her before she left.
  • Even with her busy schedule, she found time to confront the rogues who were caught on her brother’s wedding day. After some torture, they admitted they and few other rogues were asked to keep an eye on the three most powerful packs, The Blackwood Pack, The Silverlake pack and the Firemoon pack. They admitted they had come on the wedding day as all the Alpha’s would be present there and they had got orders to keep an eye on them. Even after repeated questioning they never admitted to who gave them the orders. They just said we felt someone giving us instructions in our mind and we were forced to follow them. Axel and James believed the rogues are lying and trying to protect someone but Adele felt something was not right. Her sixth sense told her there is something more sinister that is controlling these rogues. Adele had observed their eyes when they were confessing, it seemed like they were entranced as if someone had cast a spell on them and had made them repeat the same thing again and again. She had read a lot of supernatural books and she remembered reading about spells and magic. She wanted to delve more into this matter but Axel suggests she concentrate on her mate and leave these matters to him. Adele decides she will speak to Chris once she meets him as it seems to involve the Blackwood pack as well.
  • The day before Adele was leaving for Blackwood pack, her brother arranged a party for her. Everyone reminisced about the past and talked about their time together.
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