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Chapter 14 They Will Not Welcome You

  • In the meantime, Jeremy watched as the stranger approached them, his Audi eclipsed by the latter’s black Maybach.
  • The man was tall, and his face was as cold as ice. With a gaze as sharp as the wind in a winter night, his aura was too imposing.
  • Jeremy thought the man was a casual passer-by until he stopped in front of Skylar.
  • “Come with me once you’re ready,” the man said, his voice silvery.
  • Skylar’s eyes widened at Tobias. What is he doing here?
  • “She’s my girlfriend,” Jeremy proclaimed. “Why does she have to go with you? We’ve been together for seven years.”
  • Sneering, Tobias cast a sidelong glance at Jeremy and thumbed his nose at him.
  • Skylar was in a quandary. Caught between Jeremy and Tobias, she felt as though there was a ball of flame burning in her chest.
  • But in order to get away from Jeremy, she simply latched onto Tobias’ arms and looked at the former ruthlessly. “We’ve broken up, remember? Don’t ever show up in front of me again unless you’re gonna return the money. Don’t think that you can run away from this. I’m gonna keep my eyes on you until the day you spit it out.”
  • Her actions had Jeremy flabbergasted; never did he expect Skylar to move on so soon.
  • Given her status, he wondered how she acquainted herself with such a person, who seemed like a big shot.
  • “You’re doing this on purpose just to upset me, aren’t you? I’m not feeling well, so you can’t do this to me.” Jeremy clutched at that piece of cloth before his heart, holding on tightly to Skylar’s suitcase.
  • Right then, she released her grip on Tobias’ arm.
  • “Do you have no respect for yourself?” Tobias piped up with his piercing cold voice, thinking that she was about to run back to Jeremy.
  • Unexpectedly, Skylar flashed a charming smile at Tobias. “I’m not a woman who’d stoop so low.”
  • Jeremy, similarly, had thought that Skylar had gone soft until she pointed at the suitcase and said, “Give me back my suitcase.”
  • The man refused to let go, but when his eyes met Tobias’, his grip loosened unconsciously.
  • There was something about the latter’s gaze that made him trembled.
  • Taking back her suitcase, Tobias and Skylar walked towards the Maybach. Then she heaved the suitcase inside the trunk without receiving any help from the former.
  • Skylar was smart to get into the passenger’s seat this time.
  • “You b*tch,” Jeremy cursed, kicking the curb as he watched the black Maybach drove away. “You cuckolded me while I was sick. Just you wait.”
  • “188 Lincoln Avenue, please,” Skylar said once they exited the neighborhood. “You can stop me by the road if it’s inconvenient for you.”
  • “Your Uncle Wesley probably wouldn’t welcome you,” Tobias said straightforwardly upon hearing that familiar street name.
  • Gifted with a photographic memory, he remembered reading from the documents that Flynn had gathered about her. Lincoln Avenue was where she had stayed with Meredith, but was now occupied by her Uncle Wesley and his family.
  • Skylar gasped in surprise, a chill wafting across her body. “How did you know that’s my uncle’s house? Did you do a background check on me?”
  • “Why not? Who knows if you have an ulterior motive for coming to my company today.”
  • Skylar pinched the bridge of her nose. “Does that mean I should suspect you for having an ulterior motive when you show up in front of my house in the middle of the night?”
  • At that, Tobias’ lips quirked up in a half smile. This girl sure knows how to talk.