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Chapter 438 Guarded

  • The moment felt surreal to Skylar, and she wondered if her ears were playing tricks on her. Her suspicions, however, were confirmed when Tobias immediately shielded Skylar with his body as they both continued staring at the bed. An abrupt hush had descended upon the room, leaving only the sound of their anxious breathing.
  • Tobias crept over to the bed, then bent over slowly to peer under it. Another pair of eyes instantly met his. Tobias barely flinched, but Skylar was so taken aback that she gave an ear-splitting scream.
  • Skylar watched, stupefied, as a man crawled out from under the bed. Fortunately, the entire room was brightly lit, and the scene looked more absurd than horrifying.
  • Tobias held onto Skylar protectively, his watchful gaze never leaving the body of the man who had wriggled his way out from underneath the bed. The man was short and of a small frame. The camera and voice recorder that he clasped in one hand instantly betrayed his profession.
  • “I think I have entered the wrong room and fell asleep! I'm so sorry for disturbing you. I'll head back to my room now,” the man mumbled foolishly, already threading his way to the door at top speed.
  • Tobias marveled at the audacity and persistence of these tabloid reporters. He'd only left the room once in the afternoon, so the reporter must have snuck in then and hidden ever since. What if I hadn't been around? Tobias fumed.
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