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Chapter 8

  • In the eastern part of the city, there’s a small hospital established and managed by Sebastian’s friend. It was built with red bricks and stone but cozy inside. People often went to visit for check-ups, noble or not, it welcomes all.
  • “Ah!” Macro cried in pain when Sebastian poked his wounds. They went to the clinic right after they left the store.
  • “Not bad,” Sebastian said while nodding his head. “It will be better if it bleeds,” he added and squeezed the wounds harder.
  • “AH! Mi-milady, h-help!”
  • Latina glared at the man who seemed to enjoy abusing the lad. She couldn’t do much to help the boy dress his wounds, or she’d get out of control and do something despicable. Something that always occurred whenever she encountered blood. Latina wouldn’t deny the fact that she hurt people before but when she checked the place where she hid the body, no one’s there. Causing her to think that it was just a dream that kept on haunting her.
  • She couldn’t bring herself to ask Sebastian. If there’s someone she doesn’t want to discover her evil side, that would be Sebastian, the man who can lighten her dark world.
  • “Stop wailing like a kid,” Sebastian said, annoyed. Now that he thought about it, saving the boy from that woman was solely for letting Latina drink human blood, seemed to fail. The child didn’t bleed, not enough to attract Latina’s vampire nature. “How Old Are You? You should know how to take care of your wounds.”
  • Marco dried his tears, “I-I’ll do it,” he said, trying to sound brave.
  • “Goodness, how did this little boy got hurt?” A tall and good-looking man who just entered the room asked. He bowed his head when he noticed Sebastian and smiled at Latina who had been quiet since they arrived at the clinic.
  • “My lord, it’s rare to catch a glimpse of you here in the city. Seeing that you’re with a beautiful lady, I could tell that you’re having a date,” the man said looking at Latina.
  • “Rupert, I thought you’re a doctor and not a pervert. Stop gawking at her if you want to keep your eyes intact,” Sebastian said, disturbed. He doesn’t like the way how Rupert stared at Latina’s face.
  • “Aye. Sir Cisto came earlier in the morning with the other elder. It took me hours to calm the furious Lachouves. If something like that happens to me, I won’t live a blissful year,” Rupert said, raising both his hands and, this time, looking at Sebastian’s eyes.
  • “But we were friends since childhood, you wouldn’t pluck my eyes just because I adored your beauty, would you?” he added, teasing the other man.
  • “Take care of the boy,” Sebastian instructed and linked Latina’s fingers with his. “Don’t eat him,” he whispered to the doctor before leaving.
  • “Yes, my lord.”
  • Sebastian walked faster, pulling Latina behind. He only stopped when he realized that the latter wasn’t talking or complaining at all since they left the clinic.
  • “Are you all right?” Sebastian asked, examining the lady’s face. Knowing Rupert to be a rogue, aside from being an excellent doctor, he had been using his brain to be a great rascal. If that man tried to do something to Latina, he wouldn’t hesitate to twist Rupert’s head.  Sebastian knew that it won’t be enough to kill his friend, though.
  • HHumansbelieved that vampires are timeless, truth to be said, they were not. They also die, but only in limited ways. And considered immortal as they don’t get old fast as a mortal does. They could live for a thousand years with the same face a hundred generations ago. Latina is more than a century of age, and Sebastian was a few decades older than her.
  • Sebastian held Latina’s chin to have a direct eye-contact with him. The lady didn’t struggle at all. She behaved. “Tell me, is something wrong?” Latina didn’t move a muscle and just continued to stare at him. Left with no choice, Sebastian leaned closer and pressed his lips against hers. He smiled when it turned out effective.
  • “P-people are watching,” Latina said, pushing the man away from her. The stares coming from the people passing by made her more uncomfortable. She wasn’t sure why Sebastian kissed her in the middle of the crowd especially when she knew that she wasn’t that ‘showy’ type. And there was an uneasy feeling that she couldn’t shake off since she arrived in the city.
  • Her thoughts got muddled, and she saw scenes she can’t comprehend. One thing she was certain of, she saw herself in every scene, bathing in blood.
  • “Shh. If something’s bothering you, let me know. I might help you, no, I’ll do what I can to aid you.”
  • Sebastian hugged her while kissing her head. The warmth he’s giving her felt unreal. Latina shrugged and hugged him back.
  • “Shall we?” Sebastian asked with a smile. Latina almost got blinded by the light coming from him, and she always wanted him to smile like that. If they were together, she wouldn’t fear the darkness, not anymore as long as he shows her more colors.
  • The bright hues of the skirts hanging in front of Latina made her jaw drop. She hadn’t seen this many clothes before. Even she had several pieces back home, they’re nothing compared to these fabulous dresses.
  • Sebastian tried but failed to suppress his laughter when Latina almost drool over the clothes and shoes. She was running around inside the shop with awe on her face. Cisto was right, everything was new to her, and he shouldn’t lock her in his manor. The lady deserved to enjoy fancy dresses and beautiful places with delicious foods.
  • “Haha!” An exaggerated laugh caught everyone’s attention inside the store, making Sebastian frown. It wasn’t him, he laughed but only enough for him to hear, and he doesn’t want to offend  Latina when she heard him chuckle. He walked closer to the lady’s direction to check and see who dared to laugh at his sweetheart.
  • “Where are you from? Do you like these dresses? I could buy them for you,” a young boy said.
  • ‘Another YOUNG child,’ Sebastian thought, looking at the boy on fancy clothes. The boy’s dark blue pair of eyes didn’t miss his sight. He stopped a few meters aside to observe, curious about how she would handle it.
  • “Don’t worry, I have enough money to pay for these. Do you like them?” The young boy pointed to the dresses hanged and the shoes displayed around.
  • Latina smiled at the lad, making Sebastian clenched his fist. He wanted to drag the boy away from his lover, but he doesn’t want to look rude, not in Latina’s presence. Taking a deep breath, Sebastian remained silent and observed a little longer.
  • “Sebastian said he’ll buy them for me so you don’t have to do it,” Latina’s sweet voice made the young boy blushed. “You’re such a kind boy,” she added and patted the lad’s head.
  • “TSK! Why does she need to pat his head?” Sebastian murmured in the corner, watching how the lad’s face turned red when Latina treated him well. “I’ll capture you tonight and feed you to the slaves.”
  • “Who’s Sebastian? Is he your father?”