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Chapter 6 It hurts

  • When Hayden saw Zenos enter the bathroom, Hayden immediately tried to sit up, but the pain that shot down his spine made him cry out in pain. “Damn Zenos. It hurts!”
  • As soon as Hayden managed to climb down the bed and stand up, he cried out in pain, he held and slowly rubbed his paining waist.
  • Hayden's legs were shaking, his behind was painful and throbbing. He felt dizzy and weak, which caused him to collapse to the ground.
  • The intense pain caused tears to drop from his eyes and without knowing he really started crying. Why? How come? He and a stranger. His eyes traced the used condoms on the floor, the used condoms that were used on him.
  • Hayden's right hand made its way to his hair. His heart began to beat faster as he slowly tried to arrange his thoughts. He disliked gays ever since that incident, but how come he wasn't disgusted by Zenos's? Don't tell him that he wasn't straight from the beginning. No, he shook his head and cleaned his tears. Last night he still felt irritated by a man who was trying to seduce him, so how come?
  • He soon stood up while ignoring his throbbing and painful behind, but it still hurt like hell. He could hardly walk. That man really ate him dry! He thought in anger.
  • His eyes widened as he stared at his body in the mirror. Hickeys filled his skin, especially his neck, which doesn't seem to have a place where there was no hickey, Zenos's breathtaking handiwork last night.
  • Zenos doesn't even hold back. Was Zenos drugged last night and then let it out on his poor body, or what the hell? Hayden didn't know his assumption was almost close.
  • Hayden's waist was filled with the fingerprints of Zenos. He forgot how soft and pale his skin was. Even after trying to hide it by tanning, the person was able to leave a mark on his skin. Which made Hayden wonder about how many hours they roll around.
  • He facepalmed himself and pitied his body for all it went through last night. That man was too much. He meant Zenos must have ravished his body like damn. That must be the reason all parts of his body are aching. He'll be sure to take a long minute bath while having a massage.
  • After everything, he clenched his fist as he nervously looked at his real face. It has been a while since he took off the mask because Andy came to stay at his place to avoid Aria, his sister. Andy complained about the trouble she was giving him and he too, after witnessing Aria's trouble firsthand, immediately welcomed his buddy, sympathetic to his situation.
  • He traced his face and there were no blemishes, it was smooth like a baby but suddenly two ugly memories flashed in his head once he touched which made him recall the past, making his already pale face paler. Hayden's heart was beating faster, he began trembling, and he gripped his hair tightly.
  • 'Ethan small boy. How much will your father give in exchange for you?
  • You have such a soft body. Little Ethan, give this uncle a chance.
  • You have such a cute voice; I bet it'll sound better on the bed. Hahaha
  • Oh, he fell from a mountain, I know that's why he looked so ugly. How can he go out with that face, if I were the one, I would go and drown in the river, so I can die'
  • Hayden trembled as those ugly memories continued to fill and take over his brain. He cried out and shook his head. “No!” He covered his ears and slowly mouthed. "No more. Go away!” He yelled out in pain.
  • He crouched on the floor, trembling and whimpering in pain. “It hurts! Go away.”
  • Not knowing how many seconds have passed. He felt a hand grab him, making his body taut, he pushed the person away violently in fear. "D. Don. Don't hurt!” He trembled and cried to himself fearfully.
  • “Hayden!” Zenos crouched down to Hayden's level, feeling anxious and pained. He never knew the real thing that scared Hayden himself was his face, had it been he knew, he would never tell him to take the mask off last night. Yes! Zenos actually lied to Hayden about the mask case!
  • He gently reached out a hand and rubbed Hayden's hair softly. “No danger!” He whispered comfortingly. It was clear that he had never done that before, or it's been a long time since he had done it last, which made it feel awkward, but it seems to be working.
  • He calmly reached out his hand and pulled the whole person into a hug. There was hardly any resistance, which made Zenos glad. “It's fine. You're safe!” He whispered to him and then bridal carried him.
  • Slowly they made their way to the bed while rocking and comforting the person. “It's okay! You'll be fine. I'll protect you!” Zenos said, and reached out to the mask and then wore it on Hayden's face.
  • Hayden bit his lips and he couldn't help but hug Zenos back. Feeling the comfort and warmth emitting from this person, his instinct felt like he could trust the person, even if it was just for a second when he was weak. They just met, but he has already broken the rules for this person. “It hurts. I'm not ugly!” He whispered and cried out to a person apart from his parents for the first time.
  • “You're not ugly!” Zenos replied and pecked him. He rocked the person and felt the person's eyes close in sleepiness and tiredness. He pecked him one more time and whispered. “I'm sorry!” I apologize for hurting you. For yesterday and today.
  • Zenos was selfish for this person, and everything that played was something he predicted and participated in. And whenever he did something like that, he always got his expected outcome.
  • “Don't… Go!” Hayden said and sank into sleepiness, clutching Zenos's hand tightly. Even with the person teasing and poisonous tongue, unexpectedly, he still can't help but be greedy for timely warmth.
  • Zenos slowly traces the boy's face, with a fond look subconsciously displayed on his face. His face immediately turned cold, and he smiled at himself with pity. It was hard to fall in love even in the first place, and when he fell at once it was intense.
  • He recalled last night's happenings, which made him immediately remove his hand from Hayden's face. He was no saint; in fact, he was wicked! Very Wicked! And for this person, he wouldn't mind being a demon from hell! His fist clenched when he recalled the truth of last night.
  • Flashback
  • Zenos looked down at the boy and continued to watch him. As the time ticks, his heartbeat increases, and his love overflows for the person that he hasn't met officially.
  • Only God knows what the boy read from his phone, his face suddenly turned beet red in annoyance, and he suddenly downed the alcohol in his hand in one gulp.
  • Only God knows what the boy read from his phone, his face suddenly turned beet red in annoyance, and he suddenly downed the alcohol in his hand in one gulp.