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Chapter 10 What Does He Not Know About Me?

  • Unknowing that the robe was personally designed by Zenos and all Zenos's friends wanted to have one, but Zenos didn't agree, to his friend's annoyance.
  • After finding new toiletries. Weird, that he found his size.
  • Hayden soon froze! Is this person a playboy? But wait, he reconsiders it when he discovers that it's only two there, and they were his size only, maybe this person prepared it for him. His lips curved up into a smile, and he hurriedly pulled on the clothes. He picked up his phone with a sigh, and he remembered his clothes. Sighs! That means he would just have to say bye to his expensive buttons.
  • Hayden walked to the bedroom door happily while thinking that after leaving this place he'd make sure to run away from Zenos. And never to set eyes upon him. He even promised himself to forget about last night and Zenos altogether.
  • Perhaps not so fast because when Hayden tried to open the door, to his annoyance, it was locked.
  • Shit! It was locked and there was no key at the door. That Zenos guy! Playing games with him. Is it interesting to make his hopes high and then throw him down soon like a rollercoaster? He thought angrily.
  • “Are you looking for this?” A cold voice jolted him awake. He turned and saw a half-naked Zenos shaking the door key while he was in front of a door that Hayden didn't discover earlier.
  • Zenos wore black pants that accentuated his long legs while wearing a robe that was opened which gave Hayden the chance to peek at the toned 8 packs. Making Hayden jealous because he has only 6.
  • Zenos was not too burly nor was he lean, but he has those bulging muscles in the right place. He's extremely every girl's dream man. His enchanting blue eyes pierced Hayden so coldly that it sent a chill down Hayden's spine.
  • Hayden would admit that he likes to see this person infuriated, but the current Zenos with darkened expression and cold eyes like a wild lion is more than his handling. He doesn't have to be told that he's damn if he dares to cross this person's boundary.
  • Hayden gulped nervously. Zenos may be a beauty, but he's very calculating and scheming, he already noticed. “Yes. I meant… No. I don't dare.” he lied while stuttering. Did you expect him to say he's running away? Hell No! Not in the presence of Zenos's cold face. What if he was ravished again?
  • Zenos walked towards Hayden. He leaned towards Hayden and bent a little to Hayden's level. He whispered near Hayden's ear while blowing his sensitive area with a darkened expression. “Then what are you doing at the door?”
  • Hayden's eyes dodged away from Zenos' eyes as he tried to find a lie. He was not good at lying, Zenos could already notice. “Cat got your tongue, bunny!” He asked, lifting Hayden's chin, so he could look into his green eyes.
  • “I… I was looking… Yeah, I was looking for you!” Hayden immediately lied while dodging away from Zenos' cold gaze.
  • Poor lie, Zenos knew but decided not to say a thing. “Better… Don't you dare try to run or else once I find you, you are never getting away again”. He said in a chilling voice while stroking Hayden's waist.
  • Hayden gulped and nodded frantically. Great! He has messed with the Devil! Zenos didn't let him go, so he tilted his head.
  • “Liar. Yet, you're not good at it!” Zenos said and flicked Hayden's forehead, making him cry 'ow'. “Next time you do so…” he stopped and said with a darkened stare while eyeing Hayden from head to toe, the stare sent a chill down Hayden's spine and made Hayden nervous that he couldn't help but gulp in fear.
  • “Go and take a bath!” He said and released Hayden from his grip.
  • Hayden nodded and immediately scurried into the bathroom fearfully.
  • He facepalmed himself and began to think of his brilliant future while relaxing in the warm bathtub.
  • “Wait” like someone who was doused with a bucket of wisdom, Hayden's brain finally came alive. “My father is one of the wealthiest men in the country! How can I keep letting Zenos do as he likes with me? I must have been crazy earlier! I'll make sure I threaten him to let me be after I leave the bathroom, so as to uphold my honor. He thought and smirked evilly as he began his bath.
  • .....
  • Smooth-tanned legs took a step, the legs were extremely beautiful. Zenos eyed it with a darkened expression, this person has pale milky smooth skin, but he was actually tanning his skin, so it couldn't be as pale as it was originally. Silently, he came to a decision.
  • Hayden didn't know what Zenos was thinking as he waltzed out of the bathroom like a model on a runway. He was wearing a pink bathrobe that contrasted his tanned skin.
  • Hayden smiled beautifully as he looked into Zenos' eyes. “Do you know who I am?”
  • Zenos looked at Hayden silently in amusement, wondering what he was getting at.
  • “I'm the son of…” Hayden suddenly stopped. His identity has landed him in trouble many times. Isn't he baiting himself by revealing his identity to this person? What if Zenos kidnapped him and used him to threaten his father? Or what if he uses his identity to force him to stay, threatening him that he'll reveal him to the media if he doesn't cooperate? No. No. He has to keep it a secret, his shoulder fell, and he huffed in anger when he rethought about it.
  • “Ethan,” Zenos said nonchalantly.
  • What? Hayden's eyes widened, 'He knows that too? What does he not know about me?' Hayden puffed his cheeks with a tearful expression, but his face didn't betray a thing. He puffed out his chest and said. “Glad that you know already. Hm, hm”. He cleared his throat and placed his chin on his palm, making wise sage actions. “Did you know what my parents would do if they found out what you are trying to do to their precious baby?” He crossed his arms and asked proudly.
  • “Oh… Family boy?” Zenos arched his eyebrows and smirked at Hayden's threat. He stood up and walked towards Hayden. He stopped in front of Hayden and crossed his arms. “No, I don't!” He shook his head to further confirm his actions.
  • Hayden smirked and used a finger to lift Zenos's chin. With a proud tone, actions, and expression on his face, “We are one of the wealthiest in the country… Do you know what they'll do to you?” He said and walked around Zenos while tsk-ing sympathetically as if he could already picture Zenos's ending.
  • Zenos placed a hand on Hayden's shoulder to stop his proud movement. “No, I don't and don't care… All I care about is what I want to do to you now.” He said and lifted Hayden effortlessly in a bridal style while kissing Hayden's neck and jaw. His hand made its way to the bathrobe knot and immediately untied it.
  • Hayden's eyes widened and he began to panic. He didn't care! Zenos said he didn't care… Doesn't he know how powerful dad is? No, he should, since he can find out Hayden is Ethan's son. But why doesn't he care? Is he already so influential and powerful that he isn't concerned with the consequences of his actions? What to do?
  • Hayden suddenly said. “Wait! A man should always adhere to his words. Didn't you say you won't touch me today? I'm still feeling pain.” Hayden said pitifully and purposely winced in pain to discourage Zenos.
  • “I don't want to,” he said and shrugged, “but since you've been seducing me ever since you came out of the bathroom… I decided to.” Zenos continued with a smirk while fanning Hayden with his hot breath.