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Chapter 3 Just A Reminder

  • Driven by insanity, Xia Muqing emptied the content of the fridge and tossed all the items into the rubbish bin in the middle of the night at 2am.
  • One by one, she tossed them all into the bin disdainfully without feeling any reluctance, just like how Xie Tiansheng had ditched her sincerity and trampled all over her affection toward him......
  • At 5 o'clock in the early morning, Xia Muqing had left the house with her luggage while Xie Tiansheng was still sound asleep.
  • Jin Xiaolu and her assistant had been waiting for Xia Muqing in front of her house in their exclusive MPV.
  • The moment Jin Xiaolu saw the depressive look and ashen face of Xia Muqing, she was stunned. But quickly, she regained back her senses and hurried over to help carry her luggage.
  • “Muqing, cheer up! Think of this 1-month trip to Japan as our holiday!”
  • “Okay....” Muqing responded with an obscured smile.
  • At 7 o'clock sharp in the morning, the plane was ready to take off.
  • Jin Xiaolu wanted to talk about their 1-month business trip itinerary with Muqing, but she refrained herself from doing so after noticing Muqing's dampened mood.
  • Hence, Jin Xiaolu set aside the documents and sighed to herself before she comforted Xia Muqing. “To be honest, Muqing, I'm really happy for you when you said that you're finally going to divorce that bastard, Xie Tiansheng!”
  • Her words instantly touched Muqing's stone-cold heart, but she stuck her face onto the window without giving Jin Xiaolu any reply.
  • “Muqing, you could've reached the same height in your career as your sister, Munuan, if not for this shallow marriage that had restricted your progress. You wouldn't have remained a mediocre actress up until this point if not for that Xie Tiansheng.”
  • Jin Xiaolu expressed her regrets through her words.
  • It was true, from Jin Xiaolu's point of view, Xia Muqing was a talented actress with limitless potential. She could have outperformed her sister, but Xia Muqing had rejected multiple offers for her to be promoted because of her husband, Xie Tiansheng as he was not fond of his wife exposing herself in public at all times! There was even a time when Xia Muqing had planned to retire from the entertainment field on an impulse due to Xie Tiansheng. But luckily enough, Jin Xiaolu was there to prevent her from making that decision, since being an actress was Muqing's lifelong dream after all.
  • “I'm sorry....” Muqing turned to face Jin Xiaolu and apologized to her. “You could've become the manager of an actress that is far better than me, but you've never given up on me. For that, I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart, Xiaolu....”
  • Jin Xiaolu smiled. “That's because I can foresee your value in the future! Muqing, have faith in me! Trust me when I say that you are going to reach the peak in the entertainment field and shine brighter than any other actress! But for that to happen, you first need to stop lowering your standards for that bastard, Xie Tiansheng! He's not someone that's worthy of your sacrifices.”
  • Right beside her, Xie Muqing smiled faintly and said, “I'll try my best......”
  • Not long after that, Muqing did achieve the highest peak in the entertainment field and shone brighter than any other actresses as Jin Xiaolu predicted. She managed to look down on Xie Tiansheng and his mistress from the pedestal built by her success. But of course, that was a story for another time.
  • On her fifth day in Japan, Muqing's private cell phone never rang. Xie Tiansheng had never called her, not even once.
  • However, Xie Tiansheng's existence was like a bacterium, infecting and munching down on her broken heart, and as the time went by, her wound worsened, leaving Muqing only with a pain that may overwhelm her soon.
  • That night, after a magazine photoshoot, Muqing excused herself from Xiaolu's monitoring by stating that she wanted some time alone to stroll around.
  • Muqing walked around the streets of Japan aimlessly. After a while, she stopped abruptly in front of a lively night club.
  • Xia Muqing fell into a trance as she stared at the heated atmosphere inside the club through the glass window and entered the night club unwittingly.
  • Perhaps I should get drunk for once. I'll be able to forget about all the painful memories when I'm drunk. Then I would not suffer any longer from the anguish.
  • Muqing did not know how much alcohol she drank, but that was the first time she had downed so much at once. She gazed drowsily at the happenings inside the chaotic night club; some cute Japanese boys would come and strike up a conversation occasionally, but most of them were hosts that worked at the club.
  • However, Muqing did not bother herself with the boys that wanted to chat with her. She took out her phone and dialed Xie Tiansheng's number daringly under the influence of alcohol.
  • “Tiansheng, what are you doing?” She sobbed and asked the man through the phone.
  • With a cold and indifferent attitude, Xie Tiansheng said “Xia Muqing, I'm very busy right now, talk to my assistant if you have anything to say to me!”
  • “Why are you busy in the middle of the night......” Muqing started to throw a tantrum as the alcohol disrupted her normal thought process. “You're always telling me to talk to your assistant!! Xie Tiansheng, I married you, not your assistant!” sobbed Muqing.
  • “Xia Muqing, are you drunk right now?” Xie Tiansheng sounded serious all of the sudden.
  • Muqing sensed the change in his tone and felt a leap of joy in her heart.
  • “Tiansheng, I know that you're still worried about me......” Muqing smiled contentedly.
  • “Worried?” Xie Tiansheng sneered. “Xia Muqing, I just wanted to remind you that you should be looking for someone else if you wanted to act crazy after you're drunk! I'm very busy, so don't ever bother me again! I'm going to sleep now!”