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Chapter 710 Hatred

  • “Let go of me!” Li Siqi glared angrily at ‘nosy’ Xu Meng. She flung her hand away and turned to leave.
  • However, the next moment, Huo Xiu seized Li Siqi. He secured her tightly and restricted her from any movement. When she regained her senses, she was in the rental car.
  • “Leave me alone! Let go of me!” Li Siqi wailed and struggled wildly in the car.
  • The more she resisted, the more Xu Meng felt like she was hiding something. Nevertheless, Xu Meng would not pry it out of her if she has no intention to talk about it. But since she was not feeling well, she had to see the doctor.
  • They finally got her to the hospital after all the push and pull. Li Siqi vomited a few times on the way.
  • After the body checkup, the doctor announced that Li Siqi was pregnant.
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