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Chapter 9

  • The lady quickly grabbed her jacket as she walked away from the sitting room. Once again I could not resist that urge to call her names.
  • "Shameless bitch." I said after her.
  • For a brief moment I had actually thought that she would turn around and retaliate word for word but just then without pausing, she walked away. I was still looking after the door she walked through when I felt him near me. Instantly I melted to myself as I could not hold the desire. I bit my lower lip really tightly as I sought to comfort myself before I turned around and looked at him. I was really scared about what would be happening to me but then I knew within me that no matter what, I would have to turn. Hence breathing in, I turned around to face him. Unfortunately for me, Emilio was right there before me up too close that I caught his scent. I was staring directly at his chest and I fought the urge to reach over and hug his waist to plead with him to stop all the games but no, that would be me submitting to narcissism or whatever it had just grown into right now.
  • "Done venting?" he asked me
  • "Out of my way Emilio." I said to him as I walked around his towering figure. I must have failed to mention that I was a 5"4 and he was towering at 6"2. Perhaps that would assist in comprehending how really tall he was and he was hell muscular. Like how on earth does a man look this good and I am expected to give him up.
  • Well I might have walked away quickly on my near half run had he not caught me by my shoulder and turned me roughly to face him.
  • "Get your hands off me Emilio." I said with anger
  • "You look tempting now you're venting." he said as he grabbed my lower chin raising my face to look into my eyes as he made to kiss me. I would not be bought by mere romance. I want him whole, hook, line and sinker. He was either mine or nothing else. I drew myself standing away and glared at him.
  • "I submitted the papers to Emilio." I said
  • "No you didn't." he said and I could have sworn I have never seen him look so shattered by the news. There was fear in his eyes.
  • "Trust me I did and until we are properly separated, do not attempt to touch me again. You have no business with me. Stay off my path Emilio." I said and I actually felt satisfaction especially with how broken he looked. Yes I was having that effect on him which meant I could do more.
  • "I told you not to submit the damn papers Samantha. Call off the bluff!!!" he yelled desperately
  • "Bluff you say? Just you wait. Soon you will go play with your little whore." I said pointing towards the door where she had walked from
  • "Is this about Hailey? If this is about her then I would cease everything with her. I would sack her if that's what you want." he said frantically
  • "And the others? The other woman, Emilio? I am done with your cheating uncaring ass!!!" I yelled and started walking away quickly to my new room. I needed to get out of his sight.
  • If I was being honest, I was actually breaking down. My poor heart was shattered and I have never felt more broken. I must have seemed so strong in front of him just now but the moment I was safe in the confines of my room, I let the tears slide down. I went to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror before proceeding to clean the tears. I would not cry. I had to be strong was all I kept saying to myself. I reminded myself that I had a plan in motion and then I went to bed after a really good shower. My first act was going to be the next morning and I really needed enough rest so I would exercise a little in the morning to stretch myself properly for the pole. It certainly would not be easy but at least it would be worth it in the end I think. If I lose eventually, I would leave and make certain I am not seen again.
  • Sometime in the night however, there was a knock on my door. I woke up and stared at the door area switching the side light on to be sure the door was locked. The knocking went on for sometime and then whoever started trying the door handles. It was locked and I was satisfied before switching off the light again to lay down when he spoke up. I already knew he was the one there. He started calling out to me.
  • "Open the door Samantha." he said and I refused to listen.
  • He knocked again and rattled the door handle loudly again.
  • "Open the fucking door. I want to talk to you!!!"
  • "Samantha!!!"
  • "Open this door now!!!"
  • He yelled and rattled and then I had to take up the other pillow and cover my ears tightly. His altercations with the door lasted for a couple of minutes and then he was gone. It suddenly became quiet again and then I managed to slip into a little bit of sleeping bliss.
  • Early the next morning I had woken up with my mind at ease. It was a little dark and I had showered before putting on a tank top over really tight leggings. A sports cap and with my phone in the casing on my hand, I left the house for a good morning jog. For a while I did it as during my times with him, I had resorted to indoor yoga. I jogged with my ears plugged in with the music playing in them as I kept up running.
  • Jogging also seemed to calm and ease out my stress as if I was being honest I felt really good like a good amount of weight had been shifted off my shoulders. I jogged and then started back home. I came home and I saw him coming downstairs from the bedroom. He looked like he had not slept at all and then he saw me.
  • "Listen Sam I wanted...." he began
  • "Morning Mr DeGeneres." I said formally as I walked past him to my room which I locked after me.
  • He had been taken totally by surprise with how I had addressed. He certainly did not see that one coming but what did I care about? I went in for a quick shower and then came out for breakfast. Yes, I think I am ready to eat at the table with him. Being unable to predict, this would probably start marking my last days with him and I best start making good use of our last days. I came to the dining room and Martha served me breakfast of tea and omelet. He joined in a couple of minutes afterwards with his hair wet still from the shower he took. He wore gray joggers with a polo that revealed the outline of his biceps. I swallowed hard. There was a little towel hanging from his shoulders on his neck. He was alluring but then I blinked these thoughts away.
  • If he thought I would be losing this game to his temptations then he best be dreaming. I finished breakfast and walked away quickly just as my phone chimed, it was a reminder for my night at the club. I will be performing tonight.
  • I smiled as I texted Zara and Suarez on where we would be meeting. Tonight was going to be a big one and I could not wait to go show off my skills on those poles again.
  • Emilio would never know what hit him this time. The revenge course had been finally set. It was time for the game on.