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Chapter 3

  • Seth sat back in his chair. The back gave a creak from the strain of his weight. He stared at her a moment and blinked several times. Moisture glazed the surface of his eyes. He could have been angry, but Eva knew him well enough to know that he was more likely to cry. American men had their buttons and the ones Eva had met that ordered their brides from Seth’s service had a lot of buttons that made them cry. She prepared herself for whatever storm of emotion might be coming.
  • Seth’s voice shook a little, but he held it together for the moment. “You don’t think I know what I am doing? Do you think I am too stupid to fill out the paperwork properly?”
  • Eva sighed and shook her head. “I’m not saying that. There are bad people out there that can take pretty pictures online and fill out the paperwork to come to America. Bad people will use you to come here and do bad things. That is all I am saying. I don’t want you to get into trouble. I don’t want to lose you.”
  • He softened and smiled, but still looked like he was about to cry.
  • American men sometimes cried when women said nice things to them too. Eva thought not for the first time that Seth would not do well at all in a civil war.
  • As she focused on his eyes moving up and down her body, she realized he was going to want to have sex that night. She began to brace herself for that possibility mentally. If he looked at enough bridal candidates online and she twerked nicely for him, it could probably be over quickly and he would fall fast asleep. She would be able to take care of herself with the purple monster she had hidden in the bathroom.
  • He said, “I appreciate that. They have to pass immigration screenings. I might fudge the numbers and details a little, but if they have any sort of history. They’ll get flagged and stopped. No problem.”
  • Eva nodded. “If you say so, then I believe so.”
  • Seth leaned back from his computer and another Eastern European trying to look sexy in a red teddy. Eva saw Seth was wearing a dirty concert shirt for some metal band she did not recognize and baggy sweatpants. She could see the tiny shape of his hard cock. She fought the urge to grit her teeth. He would notice as he tilted his head toward her.
  • He held out one hand with orange cheese puff dust under his nails. “Come here, baby. Sit on my lap a second.”
  • She forced a smile. “I thought you had work to do. I have dishes.” “Both can wait. Come here.”
  • She hesitated just a moment, but then moved toward him. She turned and lowered her ass in her tight dress down onto his lap like she was easing into a cold bath. She felt his little prick poking her ass cheek as she settled her weight. She wiggled her hips to try to get comfortable. He gave a breathy moan and she thought she had made a mistake. She was going to end up having daytime sex in his stinky bear cave den office with pop corn kernels under her bare feet. She decided once he stripped her naked, she’d leave her shoes on. Sometimes that turned him on enough to speed the process along.
  • His hand found her breast and he started working the nipple through the material. He said, “I’m so glad I found you, Eva.”
  • She smiled without having to force it. “I’m glad … to be here too, Seth.
  • You changed my life.”
  • All of it was true, she realized.
  • “How about a little celebration before we get back to immigration documents and dishwashing?”
  • Eva sighed. “I feel sexier at night. Maybe we wait until then.”
  • His hand slid inside her dress and tugged at her nipple. He slid his fingers across to her other breast inside her dress and Eva shivered. Again, he was encouraged and started twisting her other nipple like he was tuning an old radio.
  • She liked to be pulled and played with rough from time to time, but it helped if she was already turned on.
  • “You are sexy all the time,” he said.
  • She licked her lips. His kindness and unbridled attraction to her was nice.
  • It made her feel somewhat like a goddess being worshipped by a lowly worshipper. He was a slob, but he was mostly a humble slob that was in awe of her beauty. She enjoyed that. He had his little honeys on the computer that would do almost anything for him to get to America and get their own worshippers too. As far as she knew, he had not taken any of them up on their offers of blow jobs or dirty, daytime sex since he had married Eva. If he did, maybe he would leave her alone more. Maybe. She might be free to find someone more manly on the side too.
  • Eva swallowed and said, “I would rather do it tonight. I will make it special tonight. I promise.”
  • Seth paused. His expression changed a little. It went more flat. He was disappointed. He drew his hand out of her dress, but moved his other hand to rest on the curve of her ass through the tight dress. He was just as stiff as he was before – maybe more.