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Filthy Secret

Filthy Secret


Last update: 1970-01-01

Chapter 1

  • Story 1
  • Eva set the next dish aside. There was something rough crusted on it. She could feel it with her thumb through the slippery film of rinse water. She wasn’t sure if she had gotten all the soap off. Eva didn’t care much about leftover invisible soap or leftover foodstuff. When she set the table next, she’d just be sure that Seth got that plate.
  • She wore a tight black dress. She wore a thong and no bra so no lines showed through the material. She wore low heels, but black shoes that matched her dress. It was not dishwashing clothes, she knew, but she wanted to feel special, so she tried to wear nice things even during ordinary chores.
  • Eva was not new to washing dishes. She could do better and her father would not have tolerated soap or crust on his dishes, but Seth was a bit of a slob and even Eva’s half-hearted work was better than how he had taken care of himself before he paid her way over to the States.
  • She had washed dishes ever since she was old enough to stand before sneaking away to America. Back in Freedonia in Eastern Europe, she had three sisters and seven brothers. Most of her brothers, even the younger ones, had gone off to fight in one civil war or another along one disputed border or another. Some of them came back. The ones that did, even the younger ones, married whatever daughter of whatever family they wanted. In Freedonia, eligible surviving men were scarce. They came back from the fighting mean and cold. She did not want to marry one of them even if they did choose her. So, she came to America to marry Seth and poorly wash his dishes.
  • Seth was not mean or cold. He was a little gross and puffy around the middle. He needed to shower more instead of spraying on deodorant to cover up his stink. He had an odd combination of being fat and skinny at the same time. His belly was fat, but his arms and legs were skinny. His chest was all bone and very little muscle. He had no ass. Sex with him wasn’t exactly terrible, but she had better behind barns and over barrels with horny young men back in the home country.
  • Seth liked sex with her. He usually came very fast. That was part of what made it tolerable. She had large, natural double-D breasts. Her hair was a pinkish strawberry blend between red and blond. People thought it was from a bottle, but that was natural too. She had kept it up in a kerchief before coming to America but then began wearing it down. She had an ass that men back in her home country thought was too big. Here in America though she noticed men turning in the streets and at the shopping malls to stare. Sometimes Seth asked her to shake it up and down for him. It seemed silly to her, but she was getting quite good at the twerking that Seth showed her in videos. If she twerked for him before they fucked, then he usually came even faster, so she usually put on the bouncy booty dance show for him while he stroked his tiny, hard cock.
  • Seth gave her credit cards and let her roam freely during the day.
  • Keeping her happy was a priority for him. He just didn’t know much about how to do so in the bedroom nor did he have the equipment to get the job done. Eva used her credit cards and allowance to buy dildos and vibrators to use in secret when Seth was distracted with his online business which was most of the day.
  • She had them hidden around the house. As time went on, she was getting bigger and bigger models. She had a large, veiny black one. She had a purple one that was large enough to fight off a burglar.
  • Eva leaned on the edge of the sink and tried to remember which one she had in the kitchen. She thought there was a clear, double-headed one stowed away behind the Tupperware. She used that one on her pussy and bent it around to tease her ass. The angle worked the G spot she had read about online.
  • Seth had hinted that he wanted to take her in the ass. He sometimes rubbed his little cock between her cheeks and shot cum up her back. When he started bringing up sex with her ass, she pretended she didn’t understand what he was saying and he would back off the idea. She liked teasing her ass, but she didn’t want Seth getting used to taking her that way. He was already obsessed with her plump ass as it was just like all American men. She did not want to feed that particular obsession. She kept her ass play secret from him then. She thought about sneaking a little play in the kitchen to deal with her horny feelings. Knowing that Seth was a couple of rooms away at his computer made it seem that much dirtier.
  • Seth called from the other side of the house. “Eva? Are you in the house?”
  • She sighed and was tempted to sneak out the back door. She had a pack of cigarettes hidden on top of the rafters of the mud room attached to the back of the house. She could hide back in the blind spot in the back corner of the house and lot to smoke away some of her stress. Like the ass play, she did not do it often, but sometimes doing something dirty let out the negative energy. That and shopping usually did the trick.
  • She gave the escape plan another moment of thought and then she called back. “I am. What do you need, Seth?”