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Chapter 5

  • Damon Castellano sat in the wide and luxurious private room. It was filled with businessmen trying to curry favor from him. But the main protagonist right now was lost in thought.
  • He couldn’t forget the woman who bumped into him at the entrance just a while ago. It was no wonder for people to give her a second look, as the woman was stunning. But for THE Damon Castellano, he was not easily attracted to physical appearance. But what did catch his attention were her bright and striking blue eyes.
  • ‘A complete replica of my son’s eyes.’
  • His son, was the little version of himself. His eyebrows, nose, and lips shape were completely from him. He looked like him so much, that is when his eyes were close. Because when he opens his eyes, were striking blue iris, completely different from his dark eyes. The only trait he didn’t get from his father. He undoubtedly received it from his mother.
  • That was why when he met the woman, who was standing in a daze in front of the hotel with her bright blue eyes, he couldn’t get her off from his mind. He asked his assistant about the woman’s identity, and it was not long revealed that she is in fact, the surrogate mother of his son.
  • That was not the only thing that was bothering him, but her appearance in this hotel. It was not safe for naïve women to be here as this was a place for underhanded business transactions, if not naïve, women who came here are for gifts for businessmen or personally went for the underhanded business. But as he researched, and as he picked meticulously the mother of his child, he knew that she was not that kind of woman.
  • So, he sent two of his guards to follow and keep an eye on that woman. He wouldn’t let the mother of his child be sullied and taken advantage of by these kinds of stinky businessmen.
  • “Mr. Castellano seems bored, I brought a give just for you,” A cunning businessman offered, as a woman was brought next to Damon’s side. He sneered and didn’t even bother to give the woman a glance.
  • “I didn’t know Mr. Miller is so anxious to sell your daughter to me,” He said mockingly. Mr. Miller’s face immediately turned green.
  • Damon finally glanced at the woman, but all he thought of was Anya, who probably had the same faith as this unfortunate woman. His face darkened more as he threw shade at the businessman.
  • “I heard the embezzlement inside your company, I was surprised you still had the balls to show your face here,” Damon said icily at the man. Mr. Miller’s face turned green and now turned purple in embarrassment. Damon stopped minding these useless businessmen when he saw his assistant’s face approaching with a complicated expression.
  • “Mr. Castellano, screams were heard in Ms. Anya’s room,” He reported. Damon gritted his teeth as he stood up and went on his way out of his private room. The businessmen stopped talking and just watched as their golden thigh left without giving them any thought.
  • Damon let his assistant lead him toward the room. As he approached, muffled noise can be heard from the door. Imagining the possible scenes inside the room, his anger heightened as he harshly opened the door with a bang. He saw a man sitting on one of the couches and a fat man inside the bathroom. The door was open, and he could see the man pinning an almost unconscious woman down the sink. He immediately went to grab the man and shove him out of the bathroom.
  • Mr. Schneid who was thrown out, immediately recognized the dignified-looking man.
  • “M-mr. Castellano, what made you grace us with your presence,” He shakingly said, his hands grinding each other with eyes looking at gold. He was a renowned business tycoon, if he could make a deal with this man, he would be swimming in cash. The man was foolishly daydreaming at night, and Damon paid him no mind.
  • He turned to the woman who lay disheveled in the sink. He ticked and took off his coat to cover the woman up.
  • “Forcing a woman is a crime, I hope you gentlemen knew this,” He darkly said.
  • Andrei finally gained his senses and stood up.
  • “Mr. Castellano, that woman is my wife,” He explained clumsily.
  • Damon snickered at the man’s words.
  • “Then that makes you more of an ass,” He said with acid in his voice as he faced Andrei and stared at him eye to eye.
  • “If you can’t take care of your own wife, others will,” Damon dropped a bomb as he turned his back from Andrei. He scooped Anya into his arms and lifted her up and walked out of the room.
  • Andrei was given a blow, and it took him a long time to react. When he finally recovered, Damon had already taken his wife away. He wanted to retort, but he knew Damon’s position and clearly knew, he was someone he could not afford to offend.
  • Damon brought Anya to one of the hotel rooms. He placed her in the bed and was planning to call for assistants to help her sober up but then suddenly, the woman had wrapped her arms around him.
  • “I don’t understand, I did everything for him, abandoned my morals as a woman, and gave away my child, yet this is what I received,” She said as tears flowed from her eyes. Damon sat in the bed frozen and was a lost on what to do as the woman bawled in his shoulders.
  • “Should I let go, now? When will I accept that everything will never be the same? That the world is cruel and there’s nothing to accept,” Anya continued to cry. Damon could only listen and let her cry in his arms. The woman wept so much until she fell asleep.
  • Damon felt it and gently laid her in the bed. Her beautiful face was stained with tears as she slept with a heartbroken expression. He sighed as he wiped the tears in the corner of her eyes.