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Chapter 205 Extremely Attentive

  • She brought the paper bags into the room and texted Qu Ruobai on WeChat, “I’m so sorry, Mr. Qu. I forgot to ask you earlier. How much did you spend to buy these items? I will transfer the money to you now.”
  • Qu Ruobai received the notification on his phone as he arrived at the elevator.
  • He saw Yan Wan’s message after he swiped at his screen.
  • Qu Ruobai’s lips curled upward thoughtfully as he read the text. She went through so much trouble to acquire my WeChat contact. Yan Wan sure spends a lot of effort on these things. But I do not like to bond with girls virtually.
  • Qu Ruobai switched off his phone and replaced the phone into his pocket. Then he walked out of the elevator elegantly.
  • Yan Wan thought Qu Ruobai was busy because she did not receive any reply from him after some time. But she did not pester him. There will be plenty of chances for us to meet anyway. I can ask him later.
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