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Chapter 6

  • Satisfied with how he pleasured her chest area, Colt picked Mia up in a bridal style and gently placed her on the king-sized bed. 
  • Seeing he was about to undress himself, She got down from the bed and decided to do so for him. 
  • Taking off his shirt, Mia began drooling. He was muscular; his upper body was screaming perfection. He had perfect abs which she wanted to badly run her fingers over. He also has two tattoos. One in his chest area, just right above his left breast. It was a simple alphabet tattoo with the initials CRJ. The other one was by his left rib. It was a beautiful flowery tattoo. Mia couldn't help but think it fit him perfectly. 
  • Without waiting for approval, She began tracing kisses on him, starting from his chest area. "Did this hurt?" She asked as she caressed the tattoo.
  • "Not really." He responded, trying to stay sane. He could feel himself slowly getting aroused by her touch. 
  • "I've always wanted to get one done. What part of my body do you think I should put it on?" She asked, placing tiny kisses over his tatts.
  • "Right here." He placed his finger right below her left breast. "A gorgeous floral design would do." 
  • "Noted, Babe!" She said, then went back to trailing kisses down his chest area. Mia took extra time getting acquainted with his abs.
  • Satisfied with what she had done so far, she got on her knees, then began unbuckling his pants. She pulled it down along with his brief and his dick sprang up to life. 
  • He was really huge. Mia wasn't surprised about that. She sort of predicted it and was glad he was all hers for tonight. Taking a glance at his face, she went straight to work. She carefully grabbed his member with her not-so-tiny hands, then took the tip of his cock in her mouth. 
  • She felt Colton's breath hitch under her touch and that earned a small smile from her. 
  • For the next couple of minutes, She gave him what Colt would define as the best blowjob of his life. She sucked, gagged, and pleasured his dick, not leaving out his balls. She had also initiated her boobs to be fucked. The best part of it all was watching Colt cum really hard over her tits. 
  • After Colton came down from his high, he helped Mia stand to her feet. "You're one hell of a feisty woman. You had no idea how much I needed that release. Now it's your turn babe, I can't wait for you to squirt and cum for me." Mia swallowed painfully. She couldn't wait either. 
  • Colt removed his legs from his pants, then went ahead to take off Mia's panties. She almost died of embarrassment upon seeing how soaked her panties were. 
  • Colton chuckled at her reaction. He picked her and gently laid her on the bed. He climbed on top of her, initiated a passionate kiss on her lips, then traced kisses to her earlobe, down to her neck. Colt took time showering kisses and nibbling on certain areas of her body. The moment he got to her lower region, he spread her legs, buried his face in her entrance, then teased her pussy with his tongue, starting from her clit. 
  • Mia's toes curled as she let out a moan. She arched her back and held onto the sheets tightly, enjoying the pleasure Colt was giving her. 
  • After pleasuring her with his tongue for a while, he proceeded to do his magic on her with his fingers. He fingerfucked her until she came over and over and over again. 
  • Colton also introduced Mia to the world of squirting. He took her to the bathroom, placed her on the counter, and did his magic with his fingers, making her squirt all over the place, multiple times. She had to beg him to stop eventually because she was beyond exhausted. 
  • Placing a Kiss on the side of her forehead, Colton went to prepare a bath for himself and Mia. Once everything was all set, he picked her up from the counter, then placed her in the tub. He joined her, cuddling with her under the foamy water. 
  • For the first couple of minutes, they did nothing but enjoy the silence between them as the water strengthened their sore muscles.
  • "Thank you!" Mia eventually whispered, breaking the silence. 
  • "What for?" He asked.
  • She turned to take a glance at him and he saw that her eyes were glossy. "For taking time to worship my body." She sniffed. "Even though we didn't go further than what we did, you made me feel loved and I really appreciate it." 
  • "You're welcome. You made me feel loved too. Forget about the douchebag named Chris. You deserve better than him." 
  • Mia nodded against his chest. "I've forgotten about him already. All thanks to you." She placed a hand over his hands that were possessively wrapped around her waist. She honestly felt safe being this close to him. 
  • The duo did a lot of smooching under the water, before deciding to go rinse themselves in the shower. They dried their bodies, went back to the room, and laid on the bed in nothing but their naked bodies under the duvet. 
  • "Is it weird that I feel comfortable with you?" She asked as they faced each other. 
  • "I was about to ask you the same," He said with a small smile. "By the way, are you sure you don't want to know my name?" 
  • Mia shook her head immediately. She looked down at her hands. "There's no need for that. It's not as if we would ever meet each other again." She said with a heavy heart and wondered why she felt sad about it.
  • Colton was about to say something but he stopped himself. He was tempted to let her know that they could at least be friends from today onwards but he didn't want to sound really pushy. He had to remind himself that it was meant to be a one-night stand and nothing more. 
  • Wanting to make the most of the few hours they have left, he changed the subject. They made random conversations for almost an hour after which they both called it a night.