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Chapter 6

  • Sandy tore off the page and walked over. Sitting down on the couch next to her she turned. “This is going to come as a bit of a shock to you, but I do believe you, completely. I’ll explain later on why I do.” She smiled. “I’d like you to do something for me.” Suspicious gray eyes studied her. “I’d like you to not pack up and leave just yet.” She smirked at the surprised expression she received. “I saw the supplies in the bags you brought with you—you’re planning on moving on soon, aren’t you?”
  • Not sure at this point what was happening at all Felicity nodded slowly. “I was.”
  • Sandy smiled. “Okay. Please don’t, just yet.” She held out the piece of paper. “I’d like you to meet me here at this address later.” She glanced at the clock, wondering how much time she’d need to talk to Jac and calm Reid down. “Let’s say around seven.”
  • Felicity looked at the address. “It’s not too far from where I’m staying.”
  • Sandy grinned. “Good. That’s my friend’s address and she has a few things in common with you, but I’ll explain all that later.”
  • “She does?”
  • Sandy nodded again. “Yes, and I think we might be able to find a way to help that boy.” She paused and wondered how calmly the detectives were going to take this. Probably not calm at all. “So, will you meet me there?”
  • Felicity sat there looking at her for a moment. She couldn’t explain why, but the doctor was very convincing. Of course, it could be some kind of trap, but in as many ways as she could think, she couldn’t see why the doctor would even bother going that far. “I can try to.”
  • Sandy patted her leg twice lightly and stood up. “Great.” She started walking towards the door. “Do you need a ride home?”
  • Felicity gave her a blank look. “I can take a cab.”
  • “Oh, because I’m sure Brent out in the waiting area would drop you off and help carry all your purchases if you want.”
  • Felicity stood up and started walking towards the door. “You want one of your patients to take me home?”
  • Sandy laughed, pausing with her hand on the doorknob. “He’s not a patient; he’s a friend that was waiting.”
  • “Oh.” She shook her head. “No, really I’ll just take a cab, I have another stop to make.”
  • Sandy nodded. “Okay then, I’ll see you at seven.”
  • Felicity nodded and walked out of the office. She walked out into the waiting area and tried organizing the bags before she tried to pick them up. That was the weirdest therapy session she’d ever experienced. She might actually show up later, just to see what happened next. The man in the waiting room stood beside her.
  • “Can I give you a hand with those?” Brent was quite happy he was speaking this time.
  • Felicity smiled and shook her head. “No, but thanks for offering.” She stepped towards the door.
  • Brent moved over to the door and opened it for her. He reminded himself not to stand there and stare at her as she walked down the hallway. Closing the door, he turned around to see the doctor grinning at him. “It went all right?”
  • Sandy nodded. “More than all right.” She looked at her watch. “Can you be at Jac’s around six tonight? I may need help convincing Reid.”
  • His eyebrows shot up. “I can be. Convincing Reid of what?”
  • She grinned. “I’ll explain it all later. I have some work to finish so I can get there early enough to explain it all to Jac.” She smiled again. “Thanks for watching out for me.”
  • “No problem.” He stood there after she’d closed the door, and then shook his head. He was supposed to go back to the office and tell Reid what? Nothing? Because from where he stood that’s exactly what he knew, nothing.