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Doctor Son-in-law Chase Gatzby

Doctor Son-in-law Chase Gatzby

Lucius Shadow

Last update: 2024-06-14

Chapter 1 Perspective Groom Competition

  • Chase hopped out of the taxi before the opulent Saffer Residence in Gemville. A dozen gleaming luxury cars sat proudly parked by the gate, making him snort and roll his eyes.
  • Just days ago, Chase had secluded himself from the world, spending a month in isolation.
  • When he finally resurfaced, he discovered that his mentor, Elm Van Arkel, had disappeared without warning. All that remained were a cryptic letter and a few trinkets.
  • The letter delivered shocking news.
  • Elm had identified a unique girl, the only one known with the Astral Lunar Form, which was a perfect match for Chase.
  • However, she was about to be forced into an arranged marriage, determined by a marriage competition her family had devised to find a "worthy" husband.
  • Time was of the essence. Elm had taken drastic action, enrolling Chase in this marriage competition. Winning was crucial – it was a matter of life and death for Chase.
  • After reading the letter, Chase could only sigh. He possessed the rare Astral Solar Form, which was perfect for martial arts and gave him exceptional abilities.
  • However, this condition had a fatal flaw: his body was prone to uncontrollable eruptions that could kill him.
  • Two years ago, signs of these uncontrollable surges began to appear, threatening his life. Without intervention, he wouldn't survive another year.
  • The only known remedy was to find a girl with the Astral Lunar Form to help neutralize his condition and prevent the deadly eruptions.
  • The Astral Lunar Form was incredibly rare, and Chase had no idea how Elm had found this girl. But there was no time to think about that now.
  • Chase was dead-set on winning this competition. The girl with the Astral Lunar Form had to be his, and there was no room for second chances.
  • He wasted no time rushing to the Saffer residence.
  • "Quite a competition. So many contenders." Chase muttered to himself, spotting a crowd of other contenders milling around near the house.
  • "Hey there, big guy. Chauffeurs and bodyguards aren't welcome inside," a man at the entrance stopped Chase.
  • "I'm Chase Gatzby, here for the marriage competition," Chase clarified.
  • The man raised an eyebrow in surprise. Those vying for the hand of Saffer's daughter were all either wealthy or of noble birth. How did someone like Chase, dressed in such unassuming clothing, manage to be among them?Chase stood at the entrance in ratty ieans and a T-shirt that looked like it'd seen better days.
  • The gatekeeper couldn't help but snicker as he secretly judged Chase's appearance, believing himself to be more put-together. Still, he dutifully checked the name list. Suddenly, a sneer pierced the air from nearby.
  • A young man, decked out in designer clothes, sneered at Chase with disgust. "Look at this country bumpkin," he scoffed. "Thinks he has a chance in the competition! What a joke! Ms. Saffer wouldn't even waste her time with someone like him!"
  • Chase flicked a glance at the young man. Figures, a spoiled rich kid. "This competition is based on skill and talent," he countered calmly, "and I see no reason why I wouldn't be qualified."
  • The young man burst into mocking laughter, his bodyguards and bystanders joining in. They looked at Chase as if he were a complete moron.
  • "Hahaha! You don't even have a bodyguard, and you're talking about merit? Do you even understand what this competition is about?" the young man taunted, triggering another round of laughter.
  • Everyone passing by cast scornful glances at Chase.
  • Suddenly, the gatekeeper spoke up. "Mr. Gatzby, your identity has been confirmed. You may enter now."
  • Seizing the opportunity, Chase inquired about the contest's details, finally comprehending the reason for these rich snobs' condescending attitude.
  • The Saffer family's quest for a son-in-law was no ordinary affair. It consisted of three distinct rounds.
  • The initial phase involved compatibility testing through the constellations and astrological analysis.
  • Those deemed incompatible with Ms. Saffer were promptly disqualified. The remaining gentlemen, including Mr. Chase, had successfully navigated this initial stage.
  • The second round transitioned to a physical challenge - a sparring contest. Participants were presented with the option to engage in the competition themselves or to appoint a representative to fight on their behalf.
  • The final round separated the brawn from the brains and the bank accounts. Contestants had to find the most renowned doctor to treat the Saffer family's patriarch, who was battling ALS. Whoever secured the most effective treatment plan would win Sydney's hand in marriage.
  • All the contestants were swimming in money. Some brought their bodyguards, and others hired top-notch fighters to battle in their place.
  • Seeing Chase approach the arena alone, the other participants scoffed. The lone ranger Chase became a target for their smirks. They figured he was either clueless about the contest's format or simply too broke to hire one.
  • They envisioned him as an easy first-round knockout.
  • Unfazed by their amusement, Chase remained calm. The final two challenges would be a piece of cake for him.
  • The Saffer Residence was a sprawling mansion dripping with luxury, complete with a dedicated, state-of-the-art gym where all the contestants were currently gathered.
  • A stern, middle-aged man took center stage and addressed the group, "Welcome, everyone,"
  • He boomed. "You represent the absolute cream of the crop, the exceptional elites. We are humbled by your presence in Ms. Saffer's marriage competition. On behalf of the Saffer family, I express our deepest gratitude for your participation..."
  • Following a string of pleasantries, he continued, "Today marks the second round: the martial arts showdown. The rules are simple. Draw your numbers, then square off in order."
  • A woman emerged, carrying a box filled with numbered tokens for the contestants to draw.
  • Chase's hand landed on number one. Pure coincidence, or perhaps a touch of destiny?
  • The middle-aged man announced, "There are twelve contestants today. Everyone fights once. Winners go on to the third round. Without further ado, contestants number one and two, please step into the ring!"
  • Without a second thought, Chase strode into the designated area. Who his opponent was mattered little to him.
  • Ironically, fate had a peculiar sense of humor. His opponent was the same young man who had mocked him earlier.
  • "Looks like my lucky day," the young man sneered, misjudging Chase's abilities.
  • "Mikey," the young man commanded, "show this pauper his place! How dare he even think he could be worthy of Ms. Saffer!"
  • "Sure thing, Mr. Ross," Mikey replied with a cocky grin. "Just sit back and enjoy the show."
  • Mikey was the head of security at Thomas Ross and a national Sanda champion. He didn't see Chase as a threat at all.
  • Facing Chase, Mikey taunted, "Get on your knees and kowtow three times, wimp! Maybe I will go easy on you."
  • The crowd laughed, expecting to see Chase humiliated.
  • The referee blew the whistle to start the match.
  • Mikey cracked his neck and beckoned Chase with a finger, daring him to make the first move.
  • Chase approached with a calm determination. Mikey, still brimming with arrogance, never saw it coming.
  • In a swift moment, bam! One kick to the family jewels and Mikey was doubled over, groaning like a wounded walrus, clutching himself in excruciating pain.
  • The whole gym went pin-drop quiet. Everyone's jaws were on the floor.
  • Chase sent the whimpering Mikey flying out of the ring with a casual nudge of his foot.
  • "I win, right?" Chase asked the referee.
  • The referee swallowed hard and replied, "Yes… yes, you win."
  • "What's next?" Chase inquired.
  • "You can leave now, but the final showdown is tomorrow at 2 p.m. sharp," the referee said.
  • Chase gave a curt nod and started to head out.
  • "Wait! He cheated! This match doesn't count!" Thomas shouted, pointing at Chase in outrage.
  • Defeat was one thing, but to be bested by Chase? That was an intolerable outcome for him.
  • Chase couldn't help but smile smugly as he strode confidently away, leaving his spoiled opponent to fume and yell threats behind him.
  • With the third round looming, Chase knew it was time to strategize and prepare for the upcoming battle.