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Demom Kings Mate

Demom Kings Mate


Last update: 2021-04-20

Chapter 1

  • I let out a sigh staring at the glass window. It was a stupid decision to skip work just because I was not in a mood to flip more burgers. Just that day I needed to do something and not breathe in the grease. The thought of putting on the same uniform every day along with the stained apron made my nose scrunch.
  • From the past hour, I tried to watch some TV but there was nothing good. I did not pay for Netflix so there was no way I could distract myself with something else. Maybe I should have taken the offer about sharing with Jaxson when he asked. Then again I knew that he would be the only one to do all the paying and it would make me incredibly guilty later. The perks of having millionaire best friend.
  • Jaxon has been my best friend since forever. His family moved to Amsterdam when he was in first grade, next door to our house. They were incredibly friendly and always inviting us to dinner parties. My mother loved doing those things and used to take me along with her. That's how I met the blonde hair, blue-eyed tiny Jaxon running around with his train. When he noticed me he asked me if I owned any train and I said no. So he dragged me along with him and we played till we were called for dinner.
  • I thought that everything would be just like that moment, happy but it changed after I lost my mother to cancer. She was everything to me and my father. He couldn't bear the loss of her and drove himself to drink. We lost our house because of that and had to move to a smaller place. Over the years he became abusive and never stopped drinking.
  • It got out of hand too many times and I could not tolerate anymore. Jaxon was the only friend who helped me during those difficult times because he knew all too well about the situation I was going through. He refused to leave my side and was always there when I needed to talk to someone.
  • Jaxon was the reason I was able to muster enough courage and leave that house. He helped me get a nice apartment at a cheaper rate a few streets away from my college. I have to pay for the rent so that's the reason I took up two jobs.
  • My phone rang making me groan and sit up. Moving forward I picked it up only to notice it was another best friend, Mira. We met in the last year of high school. It's a long story.
  • "Hello" I rumbled slumping back against the old bean bag.
  • "Hiya! Are you busy?"
  • At her, over chirpy voice, I cringed, "No. Why are you so happy?"
  • "Can't a gal be happy?"
  • "Gal can you cannot" I snickered
  • "Oh you just jealous that I am capable of being happy on weekdays" She giggled and there was some rustling on the other side. I could imagine it being the sound of her study table. That's where she usually sits because it overlooks the lake.
  • "Oh you got me" I dryly said
  • "I knew it"
  • Did I also mention she can never get my sarcasm? It's cute sometimes.
  • "Why are you calling me?"
  • "Because I'm happy"
  • "Okay then bye"
  • "No no I have something to tell you" She shrieked loudly to which I sighed and held the phone back against my ear.
  • "You remember Sean?"
  • I racked my brain trying to remember the name when it clicked me that it was the guy she went on a date with. The same guy she almost thought was made for her but the next day realised that it was the wine talking. That's a surprise because I thought she had stopped seeing him.
  • "Yes, the love of your life. What about him?"
  • She screamed, "He's not!"
  • "Sure he's not"
  • "That's what I said dummy" She giggled before continuing, "Anyways he invited us to the club his friend owns. It'll be fun"
  • "No" I sighed
  • Mira's idea of the club is never nice. She always gets drunk by the second hour and then makes a scene. As if that isn't enough she drags herself across the floor and obnoxiously dances. By the end of the night, she has male dogs lined up to take her room but she leaves alone. Its because I have to physically drag her before those dogs do something.
  • "But you are not doing anything today" She whined and I could already imagine Mira rolling her lips in between her teeth and running her fingers along with the table.
  • "How do you know that?" I asked daringly fully aware that I did not tell her anything about my plan to skip work. Only Jaxon knows that.
  • "You answered your call duh"
  • I facepalmed myself. Sometimes she really does use logic. My eyes moved around the living room hoping to find something that would make the sound of the grill. Maybe that will convince her that I'm working.
  • "So what? I'm still in the cafe"
  • "Oh shush! You're not. Now be ready by seven"
  • "Mira" I moaned
  • "Talia" She mimicked my voice. That's definitely not how I sound but instead of arguing about that, I let out a sigh.
  • "You and Sean can go together"
  • "It's your off day granny what are you going to do? Knit at home?"
  • My mouth slacked opened at that, "That is incredibly offensive-"
  • "I don't care. You are coming and that's final."
  • "But-"
  • "Blah blah can't hear you. Be ready by seven" My eyes flickered towards the clock and it was six in the evening. Maybe I can still make it to the cafe and apologies for lying about taking a leave. It made me shiver just to imagine Ms Smith towering over me when I confess to her about my life. She's very scary.
  • "I hate you" I mumbled loudly, my grip tightening on the phone when she laughed.
  • "Love you too"
  • ***
  • My mother was a huge fashionista and owned clothes from several boutiques. So when I left the house I packed most of her dresses. There was no way I could afford spending money on clothes. Mira and Jaxon were filthy rich, just like my family were a few years ago but I couldn't take their money.
  • It was difficult for me to leave my father behind but I didn't know him anymore. He changed drastically after my mother passed away. When she was in the last stage she made him promise that he will look after me but he did the complete opposite of that. Most nights I had to clean up his puke and make breakfast for his hungover self the next day. Jaxon often caught me sleeping in the middle of class and that's how he understood what was going on.
  • Even though we moved on from the neighbourhood his parents were nice to me. Maybe because my mother always made them feel welcome. But I rarely went by to see our old place. It had too many memories.
  • Pulling a peach sequin knee-length dress I threw it on the bed. It was from my mother's favourite boutique in Italy but she was never able to wear it. Shaking my head I dialled Jaxon.
  • "Hello" He whispered, his voice muffled and hoarse.
  • "Hello, Jaxon. Are you fine?"
  • "Just a bit under weather today. Maybe I ate something at that business party yesterday"
  • My face fell at that. I was hoping that he could join us at the club so that I would have someone to distract myself and talk to. He grew out of his chubby cheeks and had a muscular body and washboard abs something girls were crazy for. So whenever he accompanied us he was asked for dance but he never left my side.
  • "I'm sorry about that. Do you want me to bring you some chicken soup?"
  • Jaxon whimpered, "No no don't waste your night. Mira called and told me you were going clubbing with her. I don't want you to cancel that because of me"
  • "It's not that important" I huffed. He was unwell. How can going to the club be my priority?
  • "Don't be ridiculous. It's your night out after a decade. Go live your life"
  • I smiled against the phone. He knew how difficult it was for me to work daily. I skipped several gatherings because of work.
  • "Fine but if you need something you are going to call me. Yeah?"
  • He laughed, "Of course I will. Now go drink on my behalf too"
  • I shook my head because there was no way I was going to drink scotch on rocks. That's what Jaxon liked the most. It was so bitter that I almost gagged the first time I tried it.
  • "I will. Take care"
  • He hummed softly, "Will do. Bye"
  • I hung up the phone after biding him goodbye and stared at the dress on the bed. Looked like I was going to club with Mira and her boyfriend Sean.
  • ***