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Chapter 8

  • Mehul's POV
  • Bhai and bhabhi went to their room. They were so much in love. I would never have what they have. I went out of the house.
  • I wanted to see Rahul desperately but he was in London. If only that girl had refused to marry me, I would not be in this situation.
  • Dad and bhai were discussing as about business and the marriage arrangements. They invited many people like friends, relatives, clients, employees etc.
  • But I didn't want to invite anyone. I didn't want to be a laughing stock. I was not ready to share this with my friends that I don't even like the girl and I am going to spend the rest of my life with her.
  • Only Rahul would be able to understand. I wish he was here but he is in London for the next 15 days for. I don't want to bother him with my problem while he is there.
  • Bhai brought an outfit for me to wear for the engagement. I was lying on my bed with my head buried in pillow.
  • "Oh come on Mehul, don't behave like it is the end of the world. You are getting married not being hanged till death. Now don't keep sulking like girls and get ready. It is not as bad as you think it is..."
  • " Really? Of course you will say that. You didn't have to get married like this. You married the girl whom you love. You wanted to marry her and anyways bhabhi is very sweet." I retorted.
  • " Megha is also very sweet, smart, intelligent, talented, innocent, beautiful, elegant and attractive."
  • " She has always been irritating. She is dumb and spineless. She didn't even utter a word to deny this marriage. I protested to some extent but she kept mum. I even requested her to tell her parents that she doesn't want to get married to me. But she said that she can't... "
  • " Try to understand Mehul, she must be under pressure too. I know her better than you. She is a gem of a person. Perfect for you." Mudit tried to make me understand, and I knew that he was right about the fact that she must be under pressure as well.
  • I got ready and we all went to their mansion. It was looking even more beautiful as it was adorned with flowers and lights. Dad and uncle hugged each other. I touched uncle's feet. He hugged me and made me sit.
  • Vimal bhai had also returned, he came to meet us and hugged bhai and me. Everyone looked so happy.
  • I was still talking to Vimal bhai when all of a sudden he stopped talking. He was looking over my shoulder. I turned to see what got his attention. Megha was coming towards me very slowly. She was looking... Beautiful.
  • She was wearing a beautiful lehnga and was looking like a doll.
  • I was still looking at her when I felt pain in my forearm. I turned to see that bhai had pinched me. He was smirking at me.
  • " So what do you say bro? Is she not beautiful? You can't seem to take your eyes off her." He whispered. I just rolled my eyes.
  • " She is just fine... "
  • " Ok, if you say so. "
  • My mom, Sneha bhabhi, Hetal aunty and Sejal bhabhi all were coming with her. Mom and aunty made her sit beside me. She was looking very pretty, though I didn't want to acknowledge that. She didn't even look at me. My mom and aunty came and stood behind us.
  • Sejal bhabhi was holding a beautiful thali ( platter) decorated with flowers and two ring boxes. Sneha bhabhi took out the ring and gave it to me. It was a very beautiful diamond ring.
  • Sejal bhabhi held Megha's hand for me to slide the ring in her hand. I looked at my father and he silently signed me to do it. I held her hand lightly and slid the ring in her ring finger.
  • Her fingers were long and delicate. I felt something weird when I touched her. Everyone clapped for us. Sejal bhabhi gave another ring to Megha and I extended my hand towards her. She slid the ring in my finger very shyly. I felt a small spark when our hands touched, this was weird...
  • Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves except me.