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Chapter 7

  • Megha's POV
  • In the morning when I came downstairs, I saw that my parents were having tea. My mom called me and said, "Good morning beta, your wedding is in 1 week, so we have to do lots of shopping. Get ready fast Sita Ben is also coming, we will go together. She is also very excited, how are you feeling? "
  • " I don't know ma, I am a bit confused. Mehul seemed to be upset about it. What if, he is not happy about this? What if, he can't deny his parents but don't want the marriage as well? Will we be happily married then ma?"
  • " You are thinking too much beta, he was just shocked, just the way you were.. when I told you. You don't need to worry about anything. You both will be comfortable with each other very soon and will fall in love eventually. We all got married like that only."
  • " But ma, papa(father) .... "
  • " Don't worry beta... he is a good man. I know you will be very happy with him, it's just a matter of time. He is a modern guy and and he thinks that this arrangement is ridiculous. He will understand as I know him and his family for decades. I know that you will be perfect for each other and after a year or so, you will be thanking me that I chose such a nice man for you. Believe me whatever I will do for you, it will be the best and you know that. So just rest assured and do the shopping. " Papa said holding my hand.
  • I just nodded and got ready. We all went shopping. Sita aunty asked me about my choice. I smiled at the irony.
  • I was being asked to choose my dresses though, I didn't get to choose the person I was getting married to...
  • I was hurt but I selected my engagement and wedding lehnga ( dress).
  • We shopped for other dresses and things like footwear, bags, cosmetics etc. Then we came back as aunty wanted to go back as Mudit bhai and his newly wed wife Sneha bhabhi were coming after their honeymoon.
  • Mehul's POV
  • Dad instructed his designer to make jewellery. Mom went shopping with Megha and aunty. She asked me to accompany them but I refused. I stayed at home. I was waiting for bhai to come. I was still sulking in my room when a man came to inform me that they have come.
  • I went to meet them, they just entered the haveli and I ran towards them and hugged him. He hugged me hard and patted me on my back. Then I hugged bhabhi too. She smiled at me. I asked them about their honeymoon, they exchanged a look and I could see bhabhi blushing profusely. She is very cute.
  • " So my little brother is getting married..." Said bhai teasing me.
  • I glared at him and said, " I really don't want to get married like this. Can you believe I was betrothed to a girl almost all my life. How can I get married to her? I don't even like her. How can I spend the rest of my life with her. Please, do something bhai. Persuade dad to cancel this."
  • " He would never do that Mehul. Dad thinks that he is under debt as our dadiji died when dad was very young. Suresh uncle's mom gave affection and love to him and treated him as her own child. So when she asked for this marriage proposal, dad could not refuse. " bhai told me and I realised that there was no way out as dad will not break his promise. I am stuck in this marriage.
  • Mom came back and she was very excited to see bhai and bhabhi. She asked them about their trip and she also told them about Megha and how sweet she was.
  • Sweet... my foot. I rolled my eyes. Mom was babbling about the dresses and lehanga. She also told bhabhi about the jewellery that dad has ordered for all three of them.
  • " Sneha beta, you take rest today, tomorrow morning we will go shopping. Get whatever you want."
  • " Mom, you are forgetting, I got married last month only so I have lots and lots of stuff which I have not used even once. I don't need to do shopping. "
  • " Yeah, my sweet child, but you are forgetting that everything is in Delhi and we have marriage here in Surat... and that too in one week. So we need to buy things from here when we go back to Delhi, we would buy more things for Megha too. Now don't argue with me and get ready for shopping tomorrow. "
  • " Ok mom... as you say. So mom when can we meet Megha?" Bhabhi asked, looking at me.
  • " Whenever you want beta, but we are a bit short on time and a lot of things are to be done. Panditji suggested that they have their engagement tomorrow in the evening. You can meet her there. As it is, right now they are also running here and there for shopping and we also have lots and lots of stuff to do. So, you take some rest today and tomorrow you can meet her during the engagement."