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Chapter 6 Answers

  • Yolie: After handing me my clothes and turning around so I could dress, with some privacy, he takes me back to the Villa. During the brief minutes of the journey I think about what just happened.
  • Damn Eleni! I'll strangle her when I see her. Although, now that I think about it, the best thing that could happen is that it was. In the mood Alex was in, it's very likely that we wouldhave done the exact same thing to the girl right there, watching us. I pale. What the hell is this all about? What the hell is happening to me? I have lived twenty-six years during which no man ever aroused my interest, I came to believe I could be frigid ... and now it turns out I can't take my hands off this one. Pfff. I´m uncomfortable and sticky. I am a mace of sweat, sand and hair. I need a bath and to wash my hair. I have sand stuck between my thighs, I am afraid to get burned. We enter the Villa and I hasten my pace in search of the stairs.
  • —We need to talk. - Alex's voice stops me cold. - Go, freshen up and rest for a while. Tonight I want us to have dinner together. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability. I glance at him and nod my head in agreement. I head for the stairs again. — Yolie. -he calls me. I turn around. - Diner is at nine. Don't make me come looking for you. 000 It's eight thirty and I'm scared shitless. After getting under the hot shower for twenty minutes I washed my hair and scrubbed myself with a sponge.
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