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Chapter 5 Punishment

  • Yolie: Convincing the girl wasn't as difficult as I thought.She considered about it for a few seconds, made a face like a cat about to eat an overweight canary, and agreed.Maybe she intends to drown me. I went back to my room to prepare what I thought I might need.
  • Apparently Patrick didn't just kidnap me, he also entered my house and grabbed a lot of my things. Too bad he didn't take more pieces of my clothes, just about ten of them. Here in the room assigned to me there is a closet full of dresses, other designer brand clothes and even shoes that unfortunately must have belonged to a woman three sizes thinner and half a meter taller than me.
  • Anyway, I go for an old denim shorts and an old sweater. I put on my only and practical pair of shoes and taking advantage of the fact that Cosima is busy dusting the furniture on the second floor I assault the refrigerator. I put in a basket as many things to eat have caught my attention and I left to meet Eleni.
  • We slipped out of the villa, through a side gate. We descended the cobbled staircase without much effort and were on the shore of the beautiful beach fast enough. I put the basket and my towel on the sand, took off my shoes, and waded until the water was up to my neck. I dove under the cool waves and swam a little, moving away from the shore.
  • Eleni sat on the sand, watching over my belongings. I ignored the girl and amused myself swimming for half an hour. I've been floating on my back for a while when I'm pulled by the arm and dragged to shore. I fight the beast that pulls me. We reach the shore, I part my wet hair from my face and find myself face to face with Patrick himself.
  • —So ... you've decided to show up. - I blurt out facing him - I was having a spectacular time until you came. Damn busybody! He dresses completely in black, in the same style as Alex. The color makes him look dangerous. His hair is black and shiny, straight.
  • Arranged in a hairline so that two thick strands fall, one on each side of the face. His features are manlier and coarser than Alex's, his nose somewhat smaller, his lips much thinner and his eyes are so dark brown that they appear to be black, they are cold, empty. I grapple with my attacker and break free from his grip.
  • —Won’t you say anything, you sick psychopathic kidnapper?! He puts his hands behind his back and asuming a posture, I have only seen in military men or police officers. Looking behind me, like I haven't said a peep.
  • — I found her, my Lord. - He says lowering his head as a sign of respect.
  • —I see. I hear another voice answer and I instantly turn pale.Oh no, I'm screwed!
  • —Leave us, Patrick. If I need you again, I'll call you. - Alex orders. Patrick nods and stomps off. —Can you explain to me what the hell are you doing here and totally by yourself? - The voice behind me asks in a deceptively sweet tone. I opt for the best option, which is to remain silent. Alex walks slowly and stands in front of me, so I can't help but meet his blue gaze. Yes, his eyes are blue today. He is so beautiful and so close, I can feel the heat radiating from his body. Damn it! Is there no way that I can be within a meter of him and manage to avoid being attracted to him?
  • —Are you not going to answer me? - He insists. - What were you doing here, and totally by yourself?
  • — I wasn't alone. I was with ...- I look up and down the beach. Eleni has suspiciously disappeared. - I was with your henchman. - I answer indignantly.
  • —You mean Patrick, hmm? I really doubt you've been with him for more than five minutes, so answer me. Why did you disobey me?
  • Oh, oh. Now he sounds really angry. What can I say? I don't want him to get pissed and murder me. Alex: She's wet. The salty sea water drips from her clothes, her unruly hair is stuck to her face, neck and back. Her pullover has turned transparent and I am able to see her huge hardened nipples through the fabric. Her shorts expose her thick thighs, she is barefoot and covered with sand everywhere.
  • When I noticed that I had not listened to her thoughts for a while, I was instantly alarmed. I went through the Villa from top to bottom and could not find her, I asked Kostas and Cosima if they had seen her to which they replied negatively. Even Eleni denied knowing her whereabouts.
  • Then Cosima informed me that a large amount of food had disappeared from the fridge and I feared the worst. I thought that maybe she had taken all the missing food and tried to flee to the other side of the Island.
  • But, when I saw her floating, motionless, through Patrick's thoughts I thought I was going crazy. I believed my nemesis had finally succeeded and killed her. I stare at her. For days an idea has haunted her mind. She wants to leave, she wants to return to her country, the only thing stopping her from demanding her freedom is her fear of me. The mental connection between us is getting stronger, the bond was reestablished the moment I had her close enough. Now she is uncharacteristically quiet.
  • Oh, oh. Now he sounds really angry. What can I say? I don't want him to get pissed and murder me. I raise my eyebrows in amazement. So that is what she thinks of me. Well, maybe it's time to show her what I'm capable of. Yolie: He smiles briefly and his face takes on a sinisterexpression. I tremble.
  • —I'm not going to murder you.Said the wolf to the sheep. —I'm going to teach you a lesson you won't forget, little witch. He lunges at me and I run in the opposite direction as fast as my legs can take me. He catches up with me and throws me down on the sand. Before I can even complain he kisses me, leaving me gasping for air.
  • —You can run all you want, I'll always catch you. - He growls against my lips kissing me again. This man is dangerous. He's a psychopath, a womanizer, a ... a... He puts his hand through the hem of my pullover, pulling it up. I am wearing a white bra made of a very fine fabric and he pulls it up too. He bites my lower lip and I moan. I don't know when he left me naked from the waist up.
  • My breasts are firm, my nipples hardened from the contact with the cool water and now because he has stopped kissing me and he is looking at my breasts with that lustful expression I´ve seen on his face so many times. He takes my mouth again and I kiss him back. He reaches a hand and tangles his fingers in my hair, with the middle and index fingers of the other one he caresses the space between my breasts. My hands go to hold onto his curls, I have been fantasizing about how it would feel to do so for two weeks, now I know. I deepen the kiss and brush my tongue with his. Breaking the contact of our lips he smiles.
  • —You've been avoiding me for two weeks. Why? I breathe in raggedly. —Because I knew this would happen. I knew that if you laid a hand on me again I would be lost. He lets out a laugh and brushes my nose with the tip of his, playfully. —I'm the one who's lost, little witch. Do not forget it. - Without further ado he brushes my right nipple with his lips and introduces it into his mouth. Oh. By. God. If I was excited before, now I'm already burning. My toes curl involuntarily. My body temperature has skyrocketed to a thousand degrees Fahrenheit.
  • A dark desire takes over my insides and my thighs begin to get wet with my own juices. His mouth leaves that nipple and lands on the other. He sucks it hard between his lips and caresses it with his tongue. Torturing the one which he had already kissed with the fingers of one of his hands, pinching it His other hand is caressing my thigh. His long fingers play at getting inside my shorts brushing my sex over the blue panties I’m wearing.
  • —You're so wet I can smell you. - He murmurs against my chest. My hands are shaking, tangled in his unruly curls. He looks me in the eyes, conveying how much he wants me with his gaze, kissing me again. I bit my lips. Closing my eyes I spread my legs, flexing my knees giving him more access to my sex. As he kisses me, he unzips my shorts, pulling them down my thighs quickly. He has also taken my panties off, so I am completely naked, dirty with sand everywhere and totally on fire with passion for him. He breaks our kiss and before I can even moan his mouth connects with my clit.
  • —Mhm! Alex: To my satisfaction, the little witch is waxed. I promised myself I would enjoy the taste of her passion and now I do so. She tastes sweet and spicy at the same time, it is exquisite and intoxicating. I suck her clit with my lips and her legs shake. I look for the entrance to her paradise and I brush it with my tongue. She moans. I love it, I love hearing those little sounds that reveal how much she is enjoying this. I stare at her for a second. She is totally naked, disheveled, dirty with sand and allowing me to make her come with my hands and my tongue, in broad daylight on the beach strip next to my Villa. Zeus! Our late-night sessions led me to suspect she is quite a libertine between the sheets but I had no idea she could be much more than that. I wonder if I could turn her into a Nympho, a real whore. I could fuck her where I wanted, when I wanted and how I wanted. I squeeze her breasts with my hands and she gasps.
  • Her whole body is tense, her neck outstretched, her head thrown back in total surrender. The idea of making her addicted to me is becoming more and more appealing. But for the moment I'll settle for making her come in my mouth.
  • Yolie: Alex has me crazed with passion and lust. His tongue has found the entrance to my sex and now he penetrates me with it. A lot of incoherent thoughts go through my mind, but they are all dominated by the most powerful of all. —More. - I groan. Shamelessly moving my hips to meet his tongue. Alex: Oh yeah! Enjoy it, little witch. She is incredibly responsive and her moisture flows from within her like a waterfall. Her belly’s muscles are contracted, all of her is rigid with passion. She is close, very close to coming.
  • Yolie: One of his hands leaves my breasts and travels down my belly slowly, I get goose bumps. Alex sits up on top of me, I'm already buzz eyed with passion, I can't help it, claiming his mouth I'm able to taste my own flavor on his lips. He breaks the kiss and looks at me in surprise for a second. I lick myself, in a seductive way (I hope) seeking his mouth again.
  • —You're full of surprises, little one. - Murmurs against my lips and I bite him. —Shut up. Shut up and just kiss me. - I order in a hoarse voice. Chuckling he obeys me. My legs are spread on either side of his hips, he is kneeling between my thighs. His hand that went down my belly remains digging his fingers into my hip. Alex licks my lips again and I growl.
  • —You're almost ready, little witch. - Whispers smoothly, his other hand also leaving my breast. I want to cry out in frustration. He removes my hands from his hair and places them one on each of my gloves. — Play with them. - Orders me. - Touch your nipples in the way you enjoy it the most. I don’t want to! I want his hands on me, I want to kiss his mouth. It's not fair.
  • —I will have my hands and my mouth occupied elsewhere. I want to make you come in my mouth but I need you to touch yourself. - Whispers. I give up. I want to come up. I need to come, I am so turned on that my belly hurts. I squeeze my breasts with my hands sighing in happiness.
  • —Good girl. - Alex praises. Concentrated on separating my thighs with his hands. - I want to see how your juices run while you come. Oh. My. God. My brain short-circuits at his lust-laden comment. I play with my breasts without much enthusiasm at first, but then I start to pinch my nipples between my thumb and index finger and I'm back on the edge of the abyss. He strokes my legs slowly, caressing my feet, moving up to my thighs and squeezing my knees. Without any preamble, He penetrates me with two fingers. Quickly moving them inside me. His tongue caresses my clit as he fucks me with his fingers, speeding up the pace. He gives a violent slap on my pubis. A volcano erupts inside me. I come.
  • —Ah! I scream. Between my legs, Alex drinks the juices from my orgasm, licking my entrance, grunting as if tasting the most delicious thing in the world. I move my hips in circles riding the last waves of my ecstasy. Little by little my breathing returns to normal, as do my heartbeat. My head is spinning, my mouth is dry.
  • GOD! This man has me crazy, he just touched me and I went into a kind of trance. Anguish takes hold of me.I'm not like this, I really am not. How is it possible that I have let myself been groped by a complete stranger? I sit up crossing my legs. Hugging my knees with my arms, so I cover my breasts and try to rescue a little of the modesty that exploded into a thousand pieces three minutes ago. Alex continues to kneel in front of me. His curls completely tousled by my fingers. His breathing still ragged, his lips glistening with my fluids. He licks his lips with pleasure, looking at me with eyes, I could swear are totally black.