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Chapter 2

  • Aaron Knight
  • Aaron is a young man of mid twenties and a self made millionaire.
  • Besides having a golden heart, he is graced with a perfectly sculpted body, emerald green eyes, a sharp nose, broad shoulders, chiseled jawline that any girl could die for.
  • Not many knew that he was also the second son of the billionaire, Ethan Knight and the future heir to the Knight Empire.
  • Though he was born with the silver spoon, unlike other billionaire heirs, he didn’t get attention and love from his family.
  • After trying his best to get attention, care and love from his money obsessed billionaire parents, at some point, he gave up when he literally felt unwanted which got him felt the bitter reality of his life that even in his childhood days.
  • When he came to the boarding school initially nobody of his classmates knew about his family. Though he knew he was getting considered as an orphan almost everywhere, still he didn’t feel like revealing his family background.
  • Whether it was his schooling or university studies, he was always a topper but never held a high air about himself and was the humblest person ever.
  • He was determined to prove himself based upon his natural endowment but obviously not on his family background where he felt like unwanted.
  • Unlike other heirs, he never took help from his father's empire to build his company. He attained great success with his intelligence and his hard work.
  • People who always thought of him to be arrogant and cold for his achievements in such a short period of time.
  • But much to their surprise, he was a very kind person with a great personality.
  • He was easy-going, a cool-minded, friendly, and humble young man with graceful physical looks who never disrespects anyone unnecessarily.
  • However, he just hated being back-stabbed or betrayed to the core. Though it was rare but once he got angry, there was no way he would calm down easily.
  • He fell for a girl in the starting of his career. And now after almost two years he was supposed to get married to his beloved in next few days. And for that day he was waiting impatiently.
  • But..
  • Something beyond his imagination happened at his most awaited day getting his life turned upside down. He was backstabbed and betrayed which got the arrogant side of his all awaken in the worst way possible....