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Billionaire's Replaced Bride

Billionaire's Replaced Bride

Silent Learner

Update: 2021-09-29

Chapter 1

  • Alina Marshall
  • Alina is a simple, innocent, and beautiful girl who has long, straight, black hair, big eyes, and rose petal lips.
  • She is an orphan and doesn't remember much about her birth parents. She grew up in the household of her paternal uncle who was quite rich.
  • Though in that household Alina was never treated nicely, still she was grateful to them as they gave her shelter at least. With a thought that without them, she would have been brought up in an orphanage or in the worse case might be on the road.
  • She didn't know that all the wealth including the mansion was her father's actually.
  • Alina has a same-aged cousin, Evana Marshall who is no different from her family. She also dislikes Alina though Alina always tries to support her in any means, she can.
  • From the beginning of her childhood days, she couldn't get to have them treated her somewhat in a good manner. Alina always kept trying to get on the good terms with them by obeying their every single word only to get herself stumbling into worse situations.
  • She and Evana were in the same class and Evana used to make her do the all home works and all of her as she used to remain busy with her friends, hanging out till she completed her academic life and started modeling.
  • Evana was indeed beautiful but from within she was of not so good personality. But in front of people, she could facade like a great actress to get their attention if she wanted...
  • After completing her course in fashion designing when Alina gathering some courage, asked for her uncle's permission to open a boutique shop to her utter surprise, he gave his consent.
  • She thought her uncle would ask her to join him in business which she wanted the least for some reason. She wanted to do something on her own.
  • And when he really didn't ask her to join him rather let her do whatever she wanted without any further question, she couldn't be more grateful but little did she know there was something her uncle had been hiding all along.
  • Alina, with her all finances she saved from her scholarships from the very beginning, opened a small boutique shop and tomorrow was supposed to be the opening day of it. With a contented smile, she headed back to her room after dinner.
  • Calling it a day, she lied down on the bed and closed her eyes with a thought, "A new beginning from tomorrow."
  • ☘☘☘
  • Little did she know what type of beginning was actually waiting for her tomorrow...