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Chapter 71 You Have to Become Stronger

  • “How does it feel, talking business with Xi Qingchuan?” Qiao Yi asked me while Ni Yizhou went through the contract.
  • “Scary,” I said. My scalp was still prickling at the thought of the ordeal. “Fast-paced. He didn’t give me any time to think.”
  • “That’s Xi Qingchuan’s style,” Ni Yizhou explained. “Those in the same line say he’s like a tornado. He spins you around in circles and gives you no chance to mount a counterattack.”
  • When he was done reading the entire contract, he looked up and said, “there doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with the contract. Both companies will share the cost of building Ding Yue Film Studio. This contract only pertains to the studio’s construction. It does not include anything on the development and management of the studio after construction. I don’t see any problem with the contract.”
  • “Should I sign it then?”
  • “In principle, the Xi Enterprise is the best-performing organization amongst all large organizations in Hua City. No other company has its level of resources.”
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