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Chapter 491 The Textbook Example of a Boy Toy

  • I had not done such elaborate makeup in a long time. I spent nearly an hour in front of the dressing table and didn't stop until I was mesmerized by my own reflection in the mirror.
  • I was not used to such heavy makeup. Qiao Yi gave me a once over and concluded, "You look sexy but not slutty. That's the difference between a vixen and a bitch. A bitch humps anyone, but a vixen's got class. You're a vixen."
  • I remembered some comments I had read online. When someone called you a vixen, they meant it as a compliment. It meant that you were breathtakingly gorgeous and that you were so beautiful that you took a man's breath away.
  • Would the young man whom Zhen Xian had fallen for fall for me? This was the first time I tried to seduce a stranger. I wouldn't have resorted to something like this in the past. But you knew the saying. Different nuts, different bolts. You couldn't screw every kind of screw with the same screwdriver.
  • Honestly, there was nothing between Qin Guan and me. Qin Guan treated me like the daughter of an old friend. But Zhen Xian's jealous heart couldn't stomach my presence in his life. She had wanted me out of the picture.
  • I didn't care what she did to me. But she killed my baby. She was the reason I had had the abortion. My baby would've been alive if not for her.
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