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Chapter 483 The Truth Is Out

  • Could that be the truth? Xiao Lingling might be jumping to hasty conclusions but she did make a lot of sense.
  • "Are you sure? Would she really kill Dad for money? He brought her up."
  • "Why would she kill him then? Beasts killed for food, men for gold. Haven't you heard that saying before? Xiao Sheng, you're such a sweet, naive soul. Men have killed other men since the beginning of time and for what? For gold, for fame, for status, that's what."
  • "You think Xiao Shi doesn't care for those?"
  • "You should check out her jewelry collection. She's got more jewelry than either of us. She's got the most money in her bank account. Sure, she looks sweet and obedient. That's why Mom and Dad favored her the most. That's why they gave her the best presents. But she's the worst devil of us all. She hid her true colors well."
  • "She killed Dad. I'm going to make her pay for it."
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