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Chapter 478 Xiao Shi Was Playing the Same Trick Again

  • "Sheng Sheng, did you make these?" Granny pointed at the bento box and asked. I replied, "Yes, I did."
  • "Heavens!" Granny raised her voice and thundered. "I didn't know you could bake fortune cakes. How thoughtful of you. This must've taken you so much time."
  • "Only an afternoon."
  • "Look at that. Look at them. They look delicious. Smell them. They look more delicious than the ones that Mrs. Gui used to make," Granny said as she held the bento box up and showed its contents to Xi Qingchuan's parents.
  • "You haven't tried them. Try and see if you like them," I said. I was feeling slightly embarrassed by Granny's exaggerated performance.
  • "You don't have to taste them to know they must be delicious," Granny said. She picked one up and took a bite. I couldn't tell if she had chewed it at all. She nodded profusely. "It's so soft and tender and fragrant and sweet. The taste of milk is amazing. It's delicious. I could kill to have more. I've not had such delicious fortune cakes for such a long time."
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