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Chapter 463 There's Nothing Between Us Anymore

  • "Why did Xi Qingchuan leave?" Qiao Yi asked. She had popped out of nowhere with a first aid kit. "Xiao Shi wasn't holding back when she hit you. Why didn't you dodge?"
  • "I wish I know why he left too," I sighed loudly before sitting down on the couch. "Qiao Yi, what's this look like to you? A victory? Utter failure?"
  • "A bit of both," she said seriously as she helped apply medication on my cheek. "Think about it. If Xi Qingchuan doesn't care about you at all, why would he appear at the bar? He's a proud man though. You have to let the boy throw his tantrums. Besides, you weren't exactly invested in your act. It didn't seem sincere at all."
  • "I didn't have time. What was I supposed to do?" I blurted out. There was nothing else to do but drink my sorrows away.
  • I reached for Qiao Yi's glass. She took it from me before I could take a sip. She said, "Look at your cheek. It's all swollen. Stop drinking. Xi Qingchuan was right. You didn't do the math before staging the performance. You suffered because of that. The performance was subpar and you didn't manage to get Xi Qingchuan to stay."
  • "There was no time for any planning to be done. I had no time to do the math."
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