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Chapter 458 It's Bai Yu

  • I wasn't surprised to see Bai Yu here. He had quit his job as Xi Qingchuan's secretary and had taken over his father's business. He was a tycoon in his own right.
  • Qiao Yi remembered Bai Yu too. She muttered, "It's Bai Yu. Xi Qingchuan's surrounded by incredible people, isn't he? Bai Yu's been doing a great job running his father's business. We're in trouble. We can all forget about the project if he wins the bid."
  • She was right. There were few bids for the project in the first place. Bai Yu was a strong competitor. We were simply observers in the bidding exercise.
  • The first half of the bidding exercise ended quickly. The results of the exercise would be announced in the second half.
  • "Three bids were submitted. Bai Yu's going to win this. His company's more established and more financially stable than his competitors. He's going to clinch the deal."
  • I knew that. I smiled at her. We didn't even have a company. Even if we did, we wouldn't be a worthy competitor.
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