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Chapter 452 I Miss Xi Qingchuan

  • For the first time in my life, I realized that Ni Yizhou could be unreasonable too. I had always thought he was a reasonable and rational man.
  • I had mistaken him for someone he wasn't. Perhaps I had never known him for who he truly was. I looked at Ni Yizhou and smiled. It was a smile that terrified even myself.
  • "You're right," I said. "I'm in love with Xi Qingchuan. I love him. That's not the point though. Xi Qingchuan never tried to stop me from doing anything that I wanted."
  • "He has no idea what kind of life you want or what kind of life you should have. You shouldn't be involved in these fights. Xiao Sheng, you never fought with anyone. Fights tire you."
  • "I'll be the one to decide that. Ni Yizhou, you can't control how I live my life," I said. I had thought Ni Yizhou a gentle and soft spoken man. I had been wrong. He was a control freak. "You don't have the right to decide how I should live my life. You can't tell me what's the best way to live my life. You have no right to resort to unscrupulous means to cheat me of my company shares, the shares that my father gave me. This has nothing to do with money at all."
  • "You've spent too much time with Xi Qingchuan. He's changed you. You've become obsessed with wealth and money..."
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