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Chapter 446 What's Her Motive?

  • "Miss Xiao, you have no idea how much psychological stress I've been suffering because of the incident. I've gotten depressed. The meds that the psychiatrist have prescribed me cost so much. Do you know how expensive their consultations can get? I can't go to any hospital. I have to see a private physician. Each session costs a few hundred dollars. They bill me separately for medication..."
  • "Fine, save it," Xiao Shi interrupted the man. She sounded annoyed. "You can't blackmail me. You were the one behind the wheel. You were the one behind a man's death. You could try calling the cops, but they'll be after you too. You can't run."
  • "Miss Xiao, are you threatening me? I'm just an ordinary man who wants to keep his family fed. You're different. You've got your reputation to think of. What's going to happen if your mother finds out that you were the one behind your father's death? Do you think you'll get a single penny from his will if she knows?"
  • I had to stop the recording. I recognized that man's voice. He had been a chauffeur at the Xiao residence. He had been hospitalized after the car accident. He had resigned after he had been discharged and said that it had been because of the injuries that he had sustained during the accident.
  • I recognized the woman's voice too. It was none other than Xiao Shi's voice. I would know that voice anywhere.
  • How was this possible? I knew those voices. But the words that they were saying didn't make any sense at all!
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