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Chapter 445 The Voice in the Recording

  • Everything was a gamble these days. What were we gambling on?
  • On luck, on our ability to hold out. Maybe both.
  • Qiao Yi drove the car out of the carpark. I was prepared to never see Xue Wen again.
  • It was then that someone dashed out in front of the car without any warning. The car had been moving slowly. If it had gone any faster, we would've run over the person.
  • Qiao Yi hit the brakes hastily. Her hand was pressed tightly on her heaving chest as she swore and said, "My god. I nearly had a heart attack."
  • I had had the shock of my life too. The man who had run out in front of us and sprawled himself over the car was none other than Xue Wen.
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