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Chapter 444 Was I Right? Wasn't It Worth the Price?

  • Qiao Yi and I gaped when we heard how much Xue Wen was asking for.
  • "A billion?" Qiao Yi choked and started hacking. I patted her back anxiously. "Xue Wen, are you out of your mind? You didn't even bat an eyelid when you asked for a billion. Why didn't you simply ask for ten instead?"
  • "Wait till you hear what I have to say. You'll definitely think the information is worth the billion," Xue Wen said. His smile was aggravating. I would slap him hard with a fly swatter if I had one right now.
  • Qiao Yi and I finished our drinks in a single gulp. I fished a few notes out of my bag and slammed them on the table. Then, I said, "This is for the bill. You can keep the change."
  • We rose to our feet simultaneously. I couldn't believe it. He had asked for a billion. Qiao Yi and I wouldn't be in our current predicament if we had that kind of money.
  • "Wait, hold on a minute. I'm supposed to be the one treating," Xue Wen said. He scooped the notes off the table and stuffed them into my hand before fishing his own wallet out of his pocket.
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