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Chapter 44 An Explosion of Female Sex Pheromones?

  • I believed that some people never changed.
  • Ni Yizhou was one of them. I had often rested within his arms when I had been a young girl. My feelings then for him had been pure. There hadn’t been a single romantic thought in my head then.
  • Later, I had realized that I had loved Ni Yizhou. I loved him the way a girl loved a boy.
  • By then, Ni Yizhou had already moved to England. I had professed my love secretly in my letter to him. But he might have moved to the States by then. Maybe he hadn’t gotten that letter.
  • His hugs hadn’t changed. They were still as warm and comfortable as they had been.
  • He hugged me back tightly as I buried my face in his jacket.
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