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Chapter 436 She Sold All Her Shares

  • We helped Qiao Yi's mother upstairs. Wu Simei shrieked again, "Fan Qin, what is the meaning of this? Aren't you supposed to be a fighter? What happened to you? Aren't you a warrior? Why have you turned into a coward?"
  • There was something wrong with Wu Simei. Hadn't this been her goal all along? The reason why she had fought so hard? She had wanted to ruin Qiao Yi's mother and leave her with nothing.
  • She had gotten what she had wanted. She had won. Why did she sound lost and defeated?
  • Had she gotten used to fighting? She had lost her archenemy. She wasn't used to it yet.
  • No one could keep up with her games forever. Qiao Yi's father was gone. Qiao Yi's mother wasn't going to play either. There was no point.
  • Qiao Yi's mother had been forced to deal with Wu Simei and get entangled in her fights in the past. Wu Simei seemed to have thought that was something Qiao Yi's mother should do.
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