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Chapter 42 Boatie

  • This was a face that had appeared in my dreams. It hadn’t looked as real or as mature in my dreams though.
  • He had only been a teenager then, who had led me, a child as well, by hand as we played on the grass patch outside my house.
  • My mother and his mother would sit on the terrace and watch with smiles on their faces as we played. When we had gotten tired of all that running around, we would run back and drink the sugarcane water that our mothers had made for us. The drinks had been chilled in the refrigerator. Our mothers had put slices of lemon in them. The water had tasted sweet with a tinge of sour. It had been delicious.
  • That had been the loveliest time of my life. I had still had my father and my mother. I had still had my friends. I had still had Ni Yizhou.
  • Qiao Yi had told me later that it had been a crush. I hadn’t believed her. I had always been one step slower when it came to romance. I hadn’t had a clue when it came to such things.
  • But I knew it now. Even if it hadn’t been a crush, there had still been a tiny bud of romantic feelings hidden underneath it all.
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