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Chapter 400 Xiao Sheng, You're Despicable

  • Even though I was told to stay away from Xiao Shi, we were still colleagues working in the same office. There was no way I could avoid her forever. It didn't take me long to bump into her in the corridor in the office.
  • Xiao Shi had taken a long break from work. It didn't seem to help much. She looked pale and drawn.
  • She seemed to have put a lot of effort into her makeup but it didn't hide her pallor nor the tired look on her face.
  • She had lost so much weight. The veins on her neck were visible. She looked like a slender-necked red-crowned crane that had seen its fair share of hardship.
  • I froze in my steps as soon as I saw Xiao Shi in the distance. I dared not go anywhere near her.
  • My fingers twitched. I wanted to place my palm protectively on my belly. But that would be too obvious. I hid my belly with a folder I had with me instead.
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