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Chapter 396 You Seem Really Calm

  • The news of my pregnancy blew up like a nuclear explosion. It got the entire Xi family gathered in my room.
  • I wasn't surprised to see Granny and my parents-in-law, but I was surprised to see Xi Qingchuan's brothers and my sisters-in-law.
  • They crowded my room and surrounded my bed.
  • Granny jabbed Xi Qingchuan in his ass with her cane. She seemed overly excited. She said, "Look at you. You've outdone yourself. This is such great news..."
  • "Granny, calm down. You've been jabbing me the whole day with that cane of yours."
  • "It's only a few jabs. Can't you take that? Sheng Sheng's with child now. You have to take good care of her. Stop bullying her. If I find out about you treating her like how you used to, I'll kill you myself."
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