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Chapter 383 The Prince, the Princess and Cinderella

  • Qiao Yi set the theme for my birthday party and Xi Qingchuan found a place to hold it.
  • He had a mansion with an architectural style that was very European. The three storied building looked like a castle.
  • As we approached the gates, Qiao Yi remarked that the mansion looked like a castle out of a fairytale. Then, she turned towards Xi Qingchuan and added, "You're not the prince in the story though."
  • When would they stop flinging insults at each other? Their constant jabs at each other were worrying me.
  • I didn't have many friends. In fact, I had one friend and that was Qiao Yi.
  • Qiao Yi had invited Ruan Ling to the party. She had invited a few of her other friends too. I knew them as well.
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