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Chapter 332 I'll Make Sure Someone Pays for What's Been Done to You

  • Our car drove into the Xi residence. Xi Qingchuan carried me out of the car before I could get out on my own.
  • "My leg is fine," I said. "I can walk on my own."
  • Xi Qingchuan didn't say anything as he carried me into the house.
  • The lights in the living area were on. Everyone must be around. Granny was going to think that something had happened again if she were to see me in Xi Qingchuan's arms. She wouldn't be wrong. Something had happened.
  • I had been down on my luck recently. I felt embarrassed by the number of mishaps that had happened to me. I couldn't help but feel like a troublemaker.
  • Fortunately, Granny wasn't around. But my mother-in-law was. She stood up from the couch when she saw Xi Qingchuan carry me into the house.
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